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view that it is possible to have a complete understanding of human behavior such that i can know what a person will do before he or she does it


there is something else that guides our thoughts and determines our actions


position that ideas are innate


argue that all our knowledge comes from experience impinging an impressionable mind


knowledge originates from simple info from the senses and that this sensory info cna be combined into more complex ideas --> belief of empiricists


founder of modern psych


goal was to describe the structures that compromise thought


by James: emphasis not on mental structure but the function of mental processes


by Wundt --> people try and follow their own thought proccesses


by Watson --> should only focus on what is observable


basic unit of behavior; an automatic action by the body that occurs when a particular stimulus is perceived by the environment

conditioned reflex

learned reflex

classical conditioning

training procedure and resultant learning that produces conditioned reflexes

operant conditioning

the consequences of your choice influence the likelihood that you'll make the same choice again

fixed action patterns

complex behaviors animals do even though they have little opportunity for practice/reward

critical period

time when an organism is primed to learn some particular info


people can create novel sentences without prior behavior to encourage it


a symbol for an entity in the real world


manipulates representations in some way

information process model

likened humans to computers

abstract construct

theoretical set of processes and representations that are useful in explaining some data

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