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  1. Osteonecrosis
  2. Lumbago
  3. Osteomalacia
  4. Lyme's disease
  5. Scoleosis
  1. a softening of bones due to a vitamin D deficiency in adults
  2. b lateral curvature of the spine
  3. c death of a bone
  4. d causes a form of infectious arthritis; caused by a spirochete from the bite of a tick
  5. e dull ache in the lumbar region

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  1. pulled ligaments
  2. uric acid (urine) in the joints
  3. blood in a joint
  4. tumor composed of bone tissue
  5. a correction of deformities of the skeletal system

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  1. Osteitisinfection of a bone


  2. Dislocationpulled ligaments


  3. Osteogenesis imperfectadeath of a bone


  4. Acromegalylateral curvature of the spine


  5. Fallen archesnatural arch of the foot rests on the floor