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  1. Sprain
  2. Fallen arches
  3. Hemarthrosis
  4. Osteogenesis imperfecta
  5. Arthralgia
  1. a pulled ligaments
  2. b deformed and abnormally brittle bones (too much calcium)
  3. c blood in a joint
  4. d natural arch of the foot rests on the floor
  5. e pain in a joint

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  1. study of bone diseases
  2. causes a form of infectious arthritis; caused by a spirochete from the bite of a tick
  3. type of dwarfism; retarded cartilage and/or bone formation
  4. abnormalities in shape and structures of bone caused by vitamin D deficiency (in children)
  5. inflammation of tissue around a joint

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  1. Scoleosislateral curvature of the spine


  2. Orthopedicsa correction of deformities of the skeletal system


  3. Osteomalaciabacterial or fungal infection of the bone


  4. Dislocationpulled ligaments


  5. Osteoporosisporous and brittle bone due to lack of calcium (adults)