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  1. Arthralgia
  2. Ostectomy
  3. Ostalgia
  4. Acromegaly
  5. Orthopedics
  1. a pain in a joint
  2. b removal of part of a bone
  3. c a correction of deformities of the skeletal system
  4. d pain in a bone
  5. e abnormal enlargement of bones (8 to 9 times); overproduction of growth hormone

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  1. pulled ligaments
  2. bacterial or fungal infection of the bone
  3. porous and brittle bone due to lack of calcium (adults)
  4. dull ache in the lumbar region
  5. displacement of a bone from its joint

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  1. Lyme's diseaseblood in a joint


  2. Achondroplasialateral curvature of the spine


  3. Fallen archesnatural arch of the foot rests on the floor


  4. Ricketsabnormalities in shape and structures of bone caused by vitamin D deficiency (in children)


  5. Bursitisinfection of a bone


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