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carole ann duffy

Based on a

Character from Great Expectations

structure of poem

"heart" at beginning and end, sweet of the heart is broken off

"puce curses"

synaesthetic - see days of the week in colours - disturbed mind

"ropes on the back of my hands i could strangle with"

aging of her hands - in GE estelles mother was a murderer through strangling


represents the mind becoming fragmented

"give me a male corpse for a long slow honeymoon"


"Beloved sweetheart bastard"



dramatic monologue



"Some nights better"

hardening of the soul

"The dress yellowing, trembling"

describing the dress as herself like macbeth when she see the hand as not his

"dark green pebbles for eyes"

image - green = jealousy, "hard" = heart, "pebbles" = loss of feeling

"slewed mirror"

distorted image of herself

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