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Who started Contract Design, what is it?
started by Dorothy Draper, contract between designer and client
Twelve Precepts of Modern Design (modern design should..)
1. .. fulfill practical needs of modern life
2. ..express the spirit of OUR times
3. ..benefit by contemporary advances in the fine arts and pure sciences
4. ..take advantage of new materials and techniques and develop familiar ones
5. ..develop the forms, textures and colors that spring from the direct fulfillment of requirements in appropriate materials and techniques
6. ..express the purpose of an object, never making it seem to be what it's not
7. ..express the qualities and beauties of the materials used, never making the materials seem to be what they aren't
8. ..express the methods used to make an object, not disguising mass production as handicraft or simulation a technique not used
9. ..should blend the expression of utility, materials and process into a visually satisfactory whole.
10. ..should be simple, its structure evident in its appearance, avoiding extraneous enrichment.
11. ..should master the machine for the service of men.
12. ..should serve as wide a public as possible, considering modest needs and limited costs no less challenging than the requirements of pomp and luxury.
Ornament and Crime, 1908
defined modernism by rejecting ornamentation from everyday objects
Unique design by Loos, every room different height, indistinguishable floor levels, transition natural and practical
advocated pure abstraction and universality by reduction to the essentials of form and color
spirit or mood of a time
Buildings in the round
There was no set entrance for buildings the whole structure worked together as one.
Curtain Walls
theory of promoting universal forms and anonymity over individualism
5 points of new architecture: Pilotis
raising building off the ground
5 points of new architecture: free facade
independent structural frame creates non load-bearing exterior walls
5 points of new architecture: Plan Libre
Open/ Free plan
5 points of new architecture: Ribbon Windows
5 points of new architecture: Rooftop Gardens
Architectural Promenade
development/ path through a space and its movement (in Le Corbusier's work)
Tubular steel
Steel Type:
Chrome on bar stock steel
What did modernist reject?
Decoration, Historic Architectural Traditions, Aristocracy
Furniture Catalogue, Sweden regulates public design taste
Maslow's Hierarchy Theory 1943
Beton Brut
"Raw Concrete"
Anthropometrics & Ergonomics
tot lots
parks in suburban communities for children.
compression-expansion interior movement
where an interior feels small then opens up into a larger space
"Cherokee Red"
The color Frank Lloyd Wright used to bring attention to nature
The study of furniture being comfortable and productive for humans