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my bbbffss! haha. i dont get on quizlet anymore soo dont ask me if you want to be on the friends list! sorry.

taylor jones

shes my bbbff! ha! frickashay! we have soo many inside jokes it not even funny! shes like a sister to me but better than a sister! haha. had so much fun with her at the atl concert in july! hope we can do that again! i love you!

james boyd

dude hes soo funny. rides my bus and every time he gets on the fricken bus he always listens to the same 3 songs on the ipod. chop suey! haha. really nice. pretty rad guy.

alex moore

shes soo funny! soshy! haha. im a bird alex! haha. alot of inside jokes. shes really nice. haha. chorus. i love you alex!

katie myers

well we're not bbff since we dont know each other that well but we're friends. she soo funny! to her my name was barbra but she changed it to sarah. i think... haha. well anyways shes really nice and she talks alot in chorus.haha. busty the banana is katie's boy friend and no one else is! haha tommy obama. haha

tiana howards

we may not be in any classes this year but oh well. i see her in the hallways every day! she soo funny and nice. ill never forget this girl! i luhh you tiana! haha

hannah motty

she soo funny. soo many inside jokes! p.e buddy!

brittany shealy

she soo funny. shes really nice. and brittany im not THAT stupid! ha.

gabby corssetti

shes sooo nice, and funny. haha. we're married! lunch w/ you and mary kelly are soo funny. haha. hey gabby why dont we name the froot loops! haha, mary kelly and gabbys bottle are married. haha. i love you gabby!

maddie richmond

shes soooo nice! she rides my bus and she talks on the bus alot. shes soo funny.

micha yancey

hes really sweet. we dont talk on the bus mich anymore but we still talk. hes soo funny! i love you micha!

isiah lewis

really funny but really weird. but still nice

hannah bullen

she really nice, she has such a great singing voice!

dakota briggs or biggs?

idk if thats how you spell his name but oh well. hes new butg hes really nice. hes in my art and p.e class. but alex and i call him will-ota! haha

patrick hagerman

haha. tom want to go out with you! ha. child malester! haha. pretty funny. i just added him for that inside joke. hahaha

mary kelly m!

gabby and i addpoted her! she wanted to be named batman. haha. she really funny and nice! i love you batman!

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