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Western Music: Classical Era


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What are the approximate dates of the Classical Era?
Name 3 elements of Classical Music
Very Defined movements, Melodies are singable, Symmetrical Phrases, Regular rhythms, homophonic texture, use of folk element.
_____ are self-contained parts of a musical composition.
Who does "The Viennese School" refer to?
Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
What is the Patronage System?
a musician is given room and board for writing music.
Even though house musicians ranked little better than servants, it brought what?
economic stability
Name 3 jobs women found under the Patronage System.
Professional Opera Singers, Ballet dancers, Instrumentalists, Music Teachers, Solo performers
Performances moved from the _____ to public _____ .
palace, concert halls
Classical era is considered the golden age of _____ .
chamber music
_____ are the most common type of chamber music.
string quartets
Describe the structure of a sting quartet, including the speed of each movement.
4 movements: Fast, Slow, Moderate, Fast
The roots of the symphony are in the _____ .
Opera Overture
Classical orchestra typically had _____ players.
The heart of the classical orchestra was the _____ .
Describe the structure of a symphony, including the speed of each movement.
4 movements: Fast, Slow, Moderate, Fast
What is cadenza?
an improvised solo passage at the end of a movement
Describe the structure of a concerto, including the speed of each movement.
3 movements: Fast, Slow, Fast
Describe the structure of a classical sonata.
3 or 4 movements: Fast, Slow, (Moderate), Fast
What are the 3 kinds of sacred vocal music during the classical era?
Mass, Requiem Mass, Oratorio
Mass and Requiem eventually moved from the church to the _____ .
Concert hall
What was Mozart's last composition?
the Dies Irae from his Requiem Mass
Name the two types of classical Opera
Seria and Buffo
Describe Opera Seria.
Serious Opera
Describe Opera Buffo.
Comical Opera
What replaced the castrato in classical opera?
Buffo (comic bass)
Write about Mozart
Write about Haydn
Write about Beethoven