16 terms

Rules for predicting Products of Reactions

two or more elements
compound (synthesis)
nonmetal oxide & water
acid (synthesis)
metallic oxide & water
base (synthesis)
metallic oxide & nonmetallic oxide
salt (synthesis)
water & nonmetal oxide (decomposition)
metallic chlorate
metallic chlorides & oxygen (decomposition)
metallic carbonate
metallic oxide & carbon dioxide (decomposition)
metallic oxide
decompose (decomposition)
decompose into elements by electricity (decomposition)
active metal
replace less active metal (single replacement)
active metals & water
metallic hydroxide & hydrogen gas (single replacement)
active metals & acid
salt & hydrogen gas (single replacement)
active halogen
replace less active halogen (single replacement)
acid & base
salt & water (Double replacement)
salt & acid
salt of the acid & 2nd acid that is volatile (Double Replacement)
soluble salts
insoluble salt & soluble salt (Double Replacement)