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un soir

pc (one evening)


pc (Tuesday)

un mardi

pc (one Tuesday)

un jour

pc (one day)

le 13 mars

pc (March 13)

une fois

pc (once)

deux fois

pc (twice)

plusieurs fois

pc (several times)

le soir

imp (in the evening)

tous les soirs

imp (every evening)

le mardi

imp (on Tuesdays)

tous les mardis

imp (every Tuesday)

chaque jour

imp (each day)

tous les jours

imp (every day)


imp (usually)


imp (habitually / usually)


imp (in the past / in the day)


imp (sometimes)

le matin

imp (in the morning)


imp (in the afternoon)

la nuit

imp (at night)


pc (Monday)


pc (Wednesday)


pc (Thursday)


pc (Friday)


pc (Saturday)


pc (Sunday)

un lundi

pc (one Monday)

un mercredi

pc (one Wednesday)

un jeudi

pc (one Thursday)

un vendredi

pc (one Friday)

un samedi

pc (one Saturday)

un dimanche

pc (one Sunday)

le lundi

imp (on Mondays)

le mercredi

imp (on Wednesdays)

le jeudi

imp (on Thursdays)

le vendredi

imp (on Fridays)

le samedi

imp (on Saturdays)

le dimanche

imp (on Sundays)

tous les lundis

imp (every Monday)

tous les mercredis

imp (every Wednesday)

tous les jeudis

imp (every Thursday)

tous les vendredis

imp (every Friday)

tous les samedis

imp (every Saturday)

tous les dimanches

imp (every Sunday)

tous les matins

imp (every morning)

tous les après-midis

imp (every afternoon)

tous les nuits

imp (every night)

tous le temps

imp (all the time)

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