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type I collagen

most common. tensile strength


hyaline cartilage


loose CT in organs. reticular fibers (supporting mesh)


basement membranes


Descemet's membrane (cornea)

dense irregular

dermis, submucosa of organs, organ capsules, type I

dense regular

tendons, ligaments, cornea, type I


lymph node, spleen, liver, bone marrow, type III

basement membrane

contains proteoglycans, glycoproteins, type IV

elastic fibers

dense CT of skin, lungs, vessels, elastic cartilage, periodontal ligament

stains: collogen

eosinophilic (eosin stain), blue/blue-green (trichrome

stains: reticular fibers

PAS, silver stains (because of sugar residues)

stains: elastic fibers

silver stains, orsein

stains: ground substance

bluish (H&E)


tissue macrophage and dendritic cell

mast cell

granules can produce histamine, heparin, proteases


B: antibody production T: destroys cells and regulates immune response

plasma cells

secrete antibodies


parasitic defense, allergic reactions


primary inflammatory response, ingest and kill bacteria


smooth muscle: eye muscle, bronchial muscle, tracheal muscle, vas deferens, GI sphincters, large blood vessels


smooth muscle: GI tract, uterus, ureters, arterioles

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