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  1. Businesses' and jobs expectations to privacy
  2. Purpose of sentencing guidlines
  3. Actual Malice
  4. Is hateful speech protected
  5. 14th (Procedural) 3 things... (DP)
  1. a Some businesses are so heavily regulated that they have no expectation to privacy and some jobs have no privacy
  2. b Yes. Can be verbal, written, or symbolic
  3. c Government must use fair procedures... 1. must give ppl notice
    2. must give opportunity to be heard
    3. Must be decided by an IMPARTIAL TRIBUNAL (unbiased 3rd party w/ no vested interest)
  4. d Needed to establish Libel. It is knowing you were lying or had didn't care to find the truth
  5. e Creates consistency from similar crimes

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  1. The standard of review in which the government must prove the law is justified by a compelling government action
  2. Can't use the 5th amendment if charges aren't against you.
  3. Entirely in the state, (In reality does not work this way due to how the courts interpret the commerce clause)
  4. 1. Federal Pre-emption: Precludes the state from creating any legislation (state laws invalid)
    2. Federal Reg. w/ no pre-emption- If state fails any of 3 factors it is unconstitutional
  5. ATTEMPT removal

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  1. 14th (Due process of law) 6 factorsgov must be fair. Can't act arbitrarily, capriciously, or unreasonably
    1. Substantive
    2. Procedural
    3. Applies to gov action
    4. 5th Amendment
    5. 14th Amendment


  2. Wall of separationSeparation of church and state


  3. 6 elements of the 6th1. speedy and public (cant be in secret, has to be within certain amount of time ...usually 180 days)
    2. by jury of peers (Usually registered voters or drivers)
    3. informed of charge (Have to serve u w/ indictment or bill of info)
    4. Confront Accuser (You can cross-examine witnesses)
    5. Subpoena Witnesses (Court order requiring someone to come to court)
    6. Assistance of Attorney (State will appoint an attorney)


  4. Political Free SpeechMade by nonhuman entities (Advertising, globalization). Greatly expanded.


  5. Bill of InformationSeparation of church and state