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  1. Separation of powers (2)
  2. 14th applies to government action... (DP)
  3. Equal Protection (DP) Minimum Rationality
  4. Bill of Information
  5. State Taxation (apportionment)
  1. a Laws that treat ppl differently based on economic, or social status are presumed to be constitutional. Must be related to a permissible state objective. (TAX CODE is an example)
  2. b It applies to government action
  3. c Must show relationship between the business activity and the state in order to tax it. (Nexus) EX: Driving product thru state isn't taxable but hiring employees within state is
  4. d Horizontal- Judicial, leg, exec (within same gov)
    Verticle- State and federal gov.
  5. e The indictment for a Misdemeanor

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  1. The non factual publication of false information that defames and hurts someone
  2. Hurting someones character or reputation. must be communicated to a third person. Victim must suffer personal losses.
  3. NO
  4. If evidence was illegally obtained, you can exclude this evidence bc it violated the 4th amendment
  5. Intent to engage in criminal behavior

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  1. 14th (Due process of law) 6 factorsGov needs warrant to search businesses


  2. 5 basic constitutional freedomsNo citizen shall be treated unequally w/in their jurisdiction


  3. Criminal LawThe non factual publication of false information that defames and hurts someone


  4. Grand JuryOnly felonies, defense doesnt appear, can supine witness, citizens decide if this case should go to court at all


  5. Six exceptions to needing a warrant first1. Plain View Doctrine
    2. Consent
    3. Emergency (Threat to society... if u flee a high speed chase to ur house, they can search the house)
    4. Incidental Lawful Arrest (Allowed to search you once arrested)
    5. Stop and Frisk: If you fit the description of a wanted person and they can tell you are a risk (Ex: appears to be a gun in ur pocket)
    6. Automobile: You have have no expectation of privacy to ur car. Cops still need probable cause to search. They will try to trick you


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