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  1. Indictment (Felony)
  2. Bankruptcy Crimes (Specific Crimes)
  3. Commerce Clause Regulation (Foreign)
  4. Fourteenth Amendment
  5. State Taxation (apportionment)
  1. a Must be government action
  2. b The way you are charged
  3. c You can file for bankruptcy and start over. Is against law to give away ur assets or lie about value of ur assets and must update court bout financial info and creditor cannot falsify how much money is owed
  4. d Must show relationship between the business activity and the state in order to tax it. (Nexus) EX: Driving product thru state isn't taxable but hiring employees within state is
  5. e 1. Exclusive & Total: Can tell states what to do and states cannot do anything besides what the federal government tells them to do (Embargos and trade laws that are set up by fed gov and states must follow)

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  1. Some businesses are so heavily regulated that they have no expectation to privacy and some jobs have no privacy
  2. NO
  3. Government must use fair procedures... 1. must give ppl notice
    2. must give opportunity to be heard
    3. Must be decided by an IMPARTIAL TRIBUNAL (unbiased 3rd party w/ no vested interest)
  4. Wrong against society where the state has control whether or not the case moves forward (not the victim)
  5. Prevents gov from making you incrimenate yourself.

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  1. Equal Protection (DP) Minimum RationalityLaws that treat ppl differently based on economic, or social status are presumed to be constitutional. Must be related to a permissible state objective. (TAX CODE is an example)


  2. Miller TestATTEMPT removal


  3. Separation of powers (2)An appropriate portion that shows what portion of the business activity is attributable to the state (Can't tax all business activity income, Can't discriminate taxes in favor of in-state businesses, and can't create undue burden w/ taxes)


  4. Exclusionary RuleIf evidence was illegally obtained, you can exclude this evidence bc it violated the 4th amendment


  5. Real or Physical Evidence (5th)If there is vast blood at scene police can ask for blood sample and you have to give it to them. Can make you speak in recorder bc there was an incriminating messaged believed to have been left by you