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  1. 6 elements of the 6th
  2. 14th applies to government action... (DP)
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Is hateful speech protected
  5. Double Jeopardy (5th)
  1. a Can't be charged again in the same court (even for a lesser crime) even if new evidence is found. Doesn't pertain to civil (can be tried there)... not sure if there is a limit on amount of times though...
  2. b Wrong against society where the state has control whether or not the case moves forward (not the victim)
  3. c Yes. Can be verbal, written, or symbolic
  4. d It applies to government action
  5. e 1. speedy and public (cant be in secret, has to be within certain amount of time ...usually 180 days)
    2. by jury of peers (Usually registered voters or drivers)
    3. informed of charge (Have to serve u w/ indictment or bill of info)
    4. Confront Accuser (You can cross-examine witnesses)
    5. Subpoena Witnesses (Court order requiring someone to come to court)
    6. Assistance of Attorney (State will appoint an attorney)

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  1. Unreasonable search and seizure
  2. 1. Federal Pre-emption: Precludes the state from creating any legislation (state laws invalid)
    2. Federal Reg. w/ no pre-emption- If state fails any of 3 factors it is unconstitutional
  3. Horizontal- Judicial, leg, exec (within same gov)
    Verticle- State and federal gov.
  4. Has most protection. Ppl can burn American flag due to beliefs.
  5. You are entitled to a trial by jury if there is possible jail time

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  1. Equal Protection (DP) Quasi-strict scrutinyLaw treating ppl differently has to be directly related to a specific gov objective


  2. Self-Incrimination (5th)Very little protection offered to businesses. Only sole proprietorships are protected.


  3. Business protection (5th)Can't force you to testify in a court against yourself


  4. Habeas CorpusIf you believe you have been wrongly imprisoned, you can go in front of court and ask the judge to determine if you should be released


  5. Worker Endangerment (Specific Crimes)If you get hurt at work due to unsafe conditions, company will be sued criminally (can be sued civilly)...... NEW CRIME**....