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Geography / Ch. 5 / Study Guide

North Atlantic Treaty Organization; formed to respond to possible attacks by the Soviet Union.
What is NATO and why was it formed?
When people began to industrialize, or use machines and factories to make goods.
What was the Industrial Revolution?
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance; was controlled by the Soviet Union for its own economic benefit. (It was an agreement between communist countries)
What is COMECOM and why was it formed?
Warsaw Pact; it was named after the Polish capitol city of Warsaw where it was signed.
What was the anti-Western military alliance formed between the Soviet Union and other communist countries?
Satellite Nations
What are countries bordering the Soviet Union called?
It is a political, economic and social system adopted in Russia (Soviet Union) based on the philosophical teachings of Karl Marx in which there were two classifications of people; one class owned the means of producing goods and the other worked to produce the goods.
What is communism?
What would you call grabbing other countries for their resources?
It is a supply of people.
Explain human resources.
Family members who supplied their own goods.
What was the cottage industry?
The Common Market (Now known as the European Union)
What is the name given to economic union of European nations?
Great Britain had a ready supply of natural resources such as coal and iron.
Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Great Britain?
During WWII
When were machines designed for mass production?
What country was a member of the Non-Aligned Community?
Beneath the English Channel
Where does the Chunnel pass through?
spoke for all workers to get better working conditions, higher pay and a shorter work day.
What are unions and why were they formed?
made goods cheaper
What did the Industrial Revolution do for consumer goods?
to help rebuild Europe and stop communism
What was the main goal of the Marshall Plan?
Adolph Hitler
What man was responsible for the holocaust?
When the USA dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
What event ended WWII?
What nation cooperates with NATO only on a limit basis?