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The Great Depression and New Deal

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Herbert Hoover
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Republican President from 1929-1933 at the start of the great Depression, he believed in rugged individualism. He had the key principle that the only way the economy will fix itself is by the people helping themselves, not getting help from the government. Hoovers attempt at fixing the the Great Depression, many Americans continued to suffer from the depression, and put the blame on their suffrage on Hoover.
Democratic President from 1933 to 1945, he believed in that the government will help the people to fix the economy, he created the "New Deal Plan", that created relief, recovery, and reform, to the economy, people, market, banks, and stocks. While Hoover wanted a balanced budget, FDR created a deficit spending, this is what allowed the New Deal to be funded. The New Deal by FDR was the first time that programs were funded and created by the US Government, and the government started to give aid to the people. This is what made FDR the "great" president he is to this day.