150 terms

The Most Dangerous Game

Who is the author
Richard Connell
Who is Whitney
Rainsford's friend and hunting partner
Who is Rainsford
a famous hunter
able to be touched or felt
What is the setting
the Caribbean Sea
the second-largest river in the world, in Brazil
What is the name of the island
Ship-Trap Island
How do sailors feel about "Ship-Trap Island"?
it is dangerous and has bad luck
What two classes of people does Rainsford say the world is made up of
hunters and huntees
Who is Nielson
the captain of the yacht they are sailing on
To what does Whitney compare the sea
a plate-glass window
What is the genre of the story and define the genre
At the beginning of the story, what time of day is it
After Whitney went to sleep, what did Rainsford hear in the blackness
What happens to cause Rainsford to fall overboard
he stands on the rail and loses his balance
In what direction did Rainsford swim and why
to the right, because that was where the gunshots were from
While he was swimming, what sound did Rainsford hear, how did he describe it and what sound followed it
a scream, the sound of an animal in an extremity of anguish and terror, a gunshot
After the scream and then then gunshot, what happened to Rainsford
he reached land
Where did Rainsford fall asleep and what time did he awake
at the jungle edge, late in the afternoon
What two things did he feel when he awoke
vigor and hunger
What path did Rainsford follow and why
the shore because it was easier
Describe the scene he came upon and what he found
he found an empty gun cartridge
What gauge was the cartridge
a .22
flushed his quarry
drove it into the open
What type of print did he find on the ground
As night began to settle, what did Rainsford see
What did he think the lights coming from and where were they really coming from
a village, a chateau
palatial chateau
a luxurious mansion
a trick of the mind
a distorted beast projecting on a building
What sound did the gargoyle knocker make when he lifted it up and then let it fall
booming loudness
Describe the appearance of the man who opened the door and what he was holding
gigantic, solid, black-bearded to the waist, a gun
What is Rainsford's first name and where was he from
Sanger, from New York
After Rainsford introduced himself, what did the giant man do
cocked his revolver
who came down the steps of the chateau
General Zaroff
weird, disturbing
Describe Zaroff's appearance
handsome, but with a bizarre quality
What is the giant man's name
What did Zaroff know about Rainsford
he published a book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet
What medical condition did Ivan have
mute and deaf
What was Ivan's ethnicity
what did Zaroff invite Rainsford to do and where did Ivan take him and what did he give him
dine, the bedroom, a suit
What rank of nobility did the London tailor serve
None below a duke
What hung on the walls of the dining room
mounted heads
a Russian beet soup
Which trait of the general made Rainsford uncomfortable
he was always studying him
What is Zaroff's one passion in life
member of a people from southern Russia
How does the discussion about the type of game create suspense
Zaroff kept evading the question about what he hunted
region in southwestern Russia along the Black Sea
mountain range in southern Russia
bad defeat
What was Zaroff's job in Russia
Why was Zaroff rich when he left Russia
he invested in American securities
What did Zaroff feel after killing jaguars in the Amazon
Why had hunting ceased to be a "sporting proposition"
there was nothing he couldn't kill
What was his great idea about what to hunt
What does Zaroff think are the attributes of an ideal quarry
it needs to be able to reason
What are Rainsford's and Zaroff's opposing views on Zaroff's ideal quarry?
Rainsford found the idea appalling
misgivings about something someone feels os wrong
What does Zaroff think is the purpose of the "weak"
to give the strong pleasure
How does Zaroff justify his sport
"a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them"
Oriental sailors
mid-Victorian point of view
a view emphasizing proper behavior
How does Zaroff get his men
destroys their ships
What did Zaroff have in his basement
captive men
How did he treat his "visitors"
every consideration
in a mild and soothing manner
How does Zaroff tell the men to start the hunt
he suggests to them that they go hunting
What does he give the men at the beginning of the hunt
food, knife, and three-hours start
What happens to a man if he refuses to be hunted
he turns him over to Ivan
someone who beats criminals with a leather whip
stubborn, violent person
What did Zaroff use when one of the men almost won the hunt
Folies Bergere
musical theater in Paris
After Zaroff goes out to hunt, what does Rainsford do and how is he feeling
goes to bed, tired
What color eyes did the dogs have
What did Rainsford hear just as the morning began to come
when Zaroff appears at lunch what does he complain about
What does Rainsford ask of Zaroff and what is Zaroff's response
to leave the island, that they will go hunting
What does Zaroff say will be the terms of his defeat and what will he do for Rainsford
if he does not find him by midnight on the third day, he will let him leave
What does Zaroff ask of Rainsford if Rainsford wins
to not tell anyone of his visit here
What is the conflict in the story
between Rainsford and Zaroff
Zaroff's finest dog
What does Zaroff tell Rainsford to wear
What does Zaroff tell Rainsford to avoid
the swamp on the southeast of the island
When does Zaroff say he will come out to hunt Rainsford
What was Rainsford's state of mind when he began to be hunted and what was his initial strategy
What did he see was "futile"
running in a straight line
What did he decide to do to elude Zaroff
give him a tough trail to follow
What did he execute and why
a series of intricate loops, to confuse Zaroff
After executing his plan, what did Rainsford need to do
hide from Zaroff
Where did Rainsford rest
in a tree
Did Rainsford actually fall asleep
What focused Rainsford's attention in the morning and what did he see
the cry of a bird, Zaroff coming toward him
What did Zaroff do and to what did Rainsford compare him
follow his trail, the devil
What prevented Rainsford from jumping on Zaroff
Zaroff held a small automatic pistol
What did Zaroff take out and do and what did he do with his eyes and then his mouth
a pipe and smoke, his eyes traveled up the tree but not reaching Rainsford, and he smiled
What did Rainsford realize after Zaroff left
Zaroff was playing with him
What did Rainsford do after he realized that Zaroff had discovered his whereabouts
he went off again into the woods
What idiom does the author use to describe Rainsford and Zaroff
a cat playing with a mouse
What did Rainsford make to trap Zaroff and what was the specific result
a Malay mancatcher, but it only grazed Zaroff's arm
What did Zaroff do after he was injured and what did Rainsford then do
laughed, ran off again
That night, what obstacle did Rainsford run into and why was it an obstacle
the swamp on the island, quicksand
What does "dug himself in in France" mean
fought in World War I
Which was more difficult? Digging in in France or digging a pit in the soft mud of Death Swamp
digging in Death Swamp
Where on his body was the mud when he finished digging the pit
his shoulders
What did he place at the bottom of the pit
sharpened stakes
With what did he cover the mouth of the pit
a carpet of weeds and branches
Where did he then hide
behind the stump of a tree
What made him aware that Zaroff was coming
he heard footsteps
What was unusual about the way in which it appeared that Zaroff was coming
he was moving quickly
What was the name of Rainsford's trap
Burmese tiger pit
What did he actually catch in his trap
one of Zaroff's dogs
As he peered in the pit, what was Zaroff holding
a flashlight
What did Zaroff do after the death of his hunting dog and what challenge did offer Rainsford
congratulated him, that he would face against the whole pack
What adjective did Zaroff use to describe the evening
What awakened Rainsford at dawn and what emotion did he feel
the baying of hounds, fear
What did Rainsford initially feel were his two choices and what would be he results of both options
stay, suicide; run, prolonging the inevitable
What did he decide to do
When he reached the ridge, what did he see (people and animals)
Zaroff, Ivan and the dogs
Rainsford remembered a trick from what country
Describe the trick
where he bends a sapling and attaches a knife to it, and the knife springs up and kills the unlucky person
What did he literally do after he set up his trick
he ran for his life
What told Rainsford that the hounds had reached the knife
the baying of the hounds stopped
What did he do to be able to see the success or failure of his trick and what did he see
climbed a tree, that the knife killed Ivan
What showed between the trees and what was it
a blue gap, the sea
How far below him was the sea
twenty feet
What did he do
jumped into the sea
When Zaroff reached the spot where Rainsford had jumped, what 5 things did he do
stopped, shrugged, sat down, took a drink of brandy, hummed a tune from Madame Butterfly
What two drinks did Zaroff have with his dinner that evening
Pol Roger, Chambertin
What were his two annoying thoughts
it would be difficult to replace Ivan, that his quarry escaped
What did he believe that Rainsford had failed to do
play the game
What did Zaroff read after dinner
the works of Marcus Aurelius
Who is Marcus Aurelius
Roman emperor and philosopher
What time did he go up to his bedroom
What did call down to the hounds
Better luck another time
When Zaroff turned on the light what did he see
Where had Rainsford been hiding
in the bedcurtain
How did Rainsford get to the chateau
What does Zaroff tell Rainsford about the game
he won
What do you think Connell infers about what Rainsford did to Zaroff
he killed him
What is Rainsford's last thought before falling asleep
he never slept in a better bed
What is a context clue
a clue to something in the passage
When Rainsford was aboard the ship, was the moon out that night