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The Scarlet Ibis

What is the setting of "The Scarlet Ibis"?
North Carolina, 1918; South
Why was "The Scarlet Ibis" set in 1918 and in a rural area?
that time period had little-no medical care; now they would have them at a hospital, but Doodle has to stay in bed; in a rural area so that they can explore the forest, not the city
What is the conflict of "The Scarlet Ibis"?
Doodle's disbaility: he can't walk (external) and the brother's pride: drives the story forward (internal)
Describe the first paragraph of "The Scarlet Ibis".
talks mostly about death-"rotting"; "graveyard flowers"
The first paragraph of "The Scarlet Ibis" uses what literary technique?
How is "The Scarlet Ibis" being told?
as a flashback; it's being told when the brother is an adult looking back on his childhood
How can the reader tell that "The Scarlet Ibis" is being told when the brother is an adult?
the language changes from the 2nd paragraph to the 3rd
"The Scarlet Ibis" is an example of __________.
What is the main symbol in "The Scarlet Ibis"?
the ibis is the main symbol
What is the theme of "The Scarlet Ibis"?
pride can consume one's self; pride can hurt others; pride has two sides
Describe the use of red in "The Scarlet Ibis".
the ibis is red, when Doodle is born, he is red, his coffin is "mahogany" (a reddish brown), when Doodle dies, he dies under a red nightshade bush, the scarlet ibis was described--"like a vase of red flowers"
Analyze the sentence "I did not know then that pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a seed that bears two vines, life and death."
seeds of destruction is a metaphor, stream of love is a metaphor, knot of cruelty they talk about is his pride
Why is it important that the story is in 1st Person POV when doodle walks for the family?
You see the brother's inside thoughts; not crying because he's excited--crying because he realizes he only made doodle walk because he was embarassed
What is the climax?
When the brother leaves Doodle behind
What are the resolutions to the conflicts?
the brother makes him walk and the brother kills Doodle by accident
Why is the name Doodle ironic?
because he renames him Doodle because "no one expects much from someone named Doodle" and the brother expects the most from him
What is ironic about the brother's plan to kill Doodle?
the brother actually does end up killing him with his pride
Why do people in Doodle's lies fly?
Because Doodle is unable to walk, so the people in his stories fly
"Success lay at the end of the summer like a pot of gold"--analyze this.
It's a simile comparing success to the pot of gold because people don't normally get to the pot of gold--it's a far-fetched goal.
How does Doodle begin to act at the end of "The Scarlet Ibis"?
He becomes sick--the brother is pushing him too hard. He has fevers, he has nightmares, "I made him swim until he turned blue and row until he couldn't lif an oar. Wherever we went, I purposely walked fast, and although he kept up, his face turned red and his eyes became glazed..."
What is "It was too late to turn back, for we had both wandered out too far into a net of expectations and had left no crumbs behind" an allusion to?
Hansel and Gretel--there are no crumbs for them to follow out of the forest, no crumbs for them to follow out of the "net of expectations"
How is the weather related to the brother at the end of "The Scarlet Ibis"?
the weather represents the brother's feelings; the weathering is stormy when Doodle fails because the brother is angry--he is upset with Doodle because he didn't succeed. He leaves Doodle behind and runs away without him. Eventually, his thoughts die down and the storm calms, so he goes back to search for Doodle, which is when he finds him dead.
How is the scarlet ibis similar to Doodle?
It is "flapping, uncoordinated" just like Doodle is. It is scarlet, like Doodle is a reddish color. It "traveled many miles" just like Doodle because of how far he has been pushed by his brother.
any of several brightly colored passerine birds of the family Oriolidae, the Old World
any of several brightly colored passerine birds of the family Oriolidae, the Old World
Clove of Seasons
a time between two seasons
trim in dress or appearance; neat; smart
Born in a Caul
born with a thin membrane covering the head
Paris Green
a a poisonous green powder used to kill pests
to cover with decorations
Toothbrush Tree
glabrous or pubescent evergreen shrub or tree of the genus Salvadora; twigs are fibrous and in some parts of the world are bound together in clusters and used as a toothbrush; shoots are used as camel fodder; plant ash provides salt
about to occur
heavy, ankle-high work shoes
Dix Hill
common name for a mental hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina
inability to make errors
the state or result of being blighted or deteriorated
a rounded seed vessel or pod of a plant, as of flax or cotton
persistence, stubbornness
Dog days
hot, uncomfortable days between early July and early September
insecurely; in a dangerous or unstable way
any of numerous birds of the family Rallidae, that have short wings, a narrow body, long toes, and a harsh cry and inhabit grasslands, forests, and marshes in most parts of the world
to lean or bend away from the vertical position
to join or bond together
Had come to naught
had resulted in nothing
to disappear; vanish
forming viscid or glutinous threads, as a liquid
bright red to reddish orange
action or opinion contrary to what is generally thought of as right