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Litaniae Lauretanae

Litany of Our Lady in Latin and English - just the invocations to Our Lady.
Sancta Maria
Holy Mary
Sancta Dei Genetrix
Holy Mother of God
Sancta Virgo virginum
Holy Virgin of virgins
Mater Christi
Mother of Christ
Mater Ecclesiae
Mother of the Church
Mater Divinae gratiae
Mother of Divine grace
Mater purissima
Mother most pure
Mater castissima
Mother most chaste
Mater inviolata
Mother inviolate
Mater intemerata
Mother undefiled
Mater amabilis
Mother most amiable
Mater admirabilis
Mother most admirable
Mater boni Consilii
Mother of good Counsel
Mater Creatoris
Mother of our Creator
Mater Salvatoris
Mother of our Saviour
Virgo prudentissima
Virgin most prudent
Virgo veneranda
Virgin most venerable
Virgo praedicanda
Virgin most renowned
Virgo potens
Virgin most powerful
Virgo clemens
Virgin most merciful
Virgo fidelis
Virgin most faithful
Speculum iustitiae
Mirror of justice
Sedes sapientiae
Seat of wisdom
Causa nostrae laetitiae
Cause of our joy
Vas spirituale
Spiritual vessel
Vas honorabile
Vessel of honour
Vas insigne devotionis
Singular vessel of devotion
Rosa mystica
Mystic rose
Turris Davidica
Tower of David
Turris eburnea
Tower of ivory
Domus aurea
House of gold
Foederis arca
Ark of the covenant
Ianua caeli
Gate of heaven
Stella matutina
Morning star
Salus infirmorum
Health of the sick
Refugium peccatorum
Refuge of sinners
Consolatrix afflictorum
Comforter of the afflicted
Auxilium Christianorum
Help of Christians
Regina Angelorum
Queen of Angels
Regina Patriarcharum
Queen of Patriarchs
Regina Prophetarum
Queen of Prophets
Regina Apostolorum
Queen of Apostles
Regina Martyrum
Queen of Martyrs
Regina Confessorum
Queen of Confessors
Regina Virginum
Queen of Virgins
Regina Sanctorum omnium
Queen of all Saints
Regina sine labe originali concepta
Queen conceived without original sin
Regina in caelum assumpta
Queen assumed into heaven
Regina Sanctissimi Rosarii
Queen of the most Holy Rosary
Regina familiae
Queen of the family
Regina pacis
Queen of peace