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  1. a Adjective. Unpleasant or unattractive to look at "The duchess berated her gardener for the unsightly state of her famous gardens, appearing neglected."
  2. b Adjective. Spotlessly clean and fresh "That the white table napkin remained unsullied till the evening with kids creating havoc all over spilling things, is a miracle in itself."
  3. c Adjective. Unwilling to part with money "Getting money from him was a difficult task as he was so tightfisted and asked so many questions that one gave up after a while."
  4. d Verb. Wrap or bind with as if with bandages "The model was swathed in yards of fabric, with the designer knowing about arranging it."
  5. e Noun. Violent pangs of suffering "In the throes of pain, she could hardly make out who had rescued her or what was happening around her"

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  1. Noun. The final result or outcome ; the central idea or point "The upshot of the boxing match was that the reigning champion was defeated by the new player in minutes."
  2. Noun. Young and insolent "The new recruit was an upstart and irritated most of the senior experienced officers with his thoughtless and unwarranted remarks."
  3. Noun. Nervous laugher "Though she looked calm and poised at the meeting, her constant titter gave away her nervousness at meeting the chairperson."
  4. Adjective. Having a wavy outline or appearance "The cheering squad egged their team on with an undulating display of swaying arms and loud cheers."
  5. Adjective. Forceful and vigorous "Her trenchant manner of intimidating others rather than appealing to their generous sides, ensured that she got her work done properly.."

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  1. UNTRAMMELLEDAdjective. Not restrained "Her parents were unable to come to terms with her lifestyle, which was untrammelled by the regular norms of society, and disowned her."


  2. UNTENABLEAdjective. Incapable of being defended or justified "The lawyer told his client that if he did not tell him the entire truth, any defence that he adopted would fail and make his position more untenable."


  3. THRONGNoun. A large group of people gathered or crowded closely together "She rushed through the throngs of people searching for her son who had somehow slipped away."


  4. THREADBAREAdjective. Thoroughly worn out "stop making threadbare excuses otherwise you spoil the trust."


  5. TIGHT-LIPPEDAdjective. Inclined to secrecy or reticence "She was trustworthy and so tight-lipped; one could trust her with the darkest secrets without a thought."


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