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Maurice Wilkins
Deputy director of the lab where Franklin worked at King's College
Raymond Gosling
Franklin's Ph.D. student with whom she made Photo 51
Sir Aaron Klug
Franklin's last and closest collaborator/friend
James Watson and Francis Crick
Researchers at Cavendish Laboratory in nearby Cambridge
Who were the 2 leading DNA scientists in this field?
Francis Crick and James Watson
What was Rosalind Franklin trying to do at the same time as Watson and Crick?
Trying to determine the structure of DNA
What year did Watson and Crick receive the Nobel Prize
What is the title of James Watson's book?
The Double Helix
What year and where was Rosalind Franklin born?
1920 in London
What school (college) did Rosalind Franklin attend?
Saint Paul's Girls School / Cambridge University
What is x-ray crystallography?
Reveals the hidden atomic 3D structure of matter
What were Roslaind's first experiments concerned w/ and how did they contribute to the war effort?
Research on coal, better gas masks
Where did Rosalind work when she later moved to Paris and what did she perfect when she worked there?
Best research lab in Paris, technique of x-ray diffraction
What often forced Rosalind to suspend her work for weeks at a time?
Exceeding safe levels of x-ray exposure
Where in England was Rosalind offered a position?
Kings College, London
What was her main assignment when Rosalind started at King's College in 1961
Create an x-ray diffraction unit to investigate the structure of proteins changed to DNA
Who was in charge of Rosalind in the lab?
JT Randall - director of the lab
Wilkins - deputy director (gave away her info)
Who "entered the game" while setting up the lab at Kings?
James Watson - wants to study the gene
Where does Watson end up getting a position?
Cavendish Lab, Cambridge University
Who was Watson's office mate?
Francis Crick
WHat nickname was Rosalind given that Watson later "popularizes"
How many forms of DNA does Rosalind initially photograph?
2 forms of DNA, A dry, B wet, she concentrates on the dry A form
How do Watson and Crick propose to demonstrate DNA strucutre?
Model building
Who do Watson and Crick "acquire" Franklin's unpublished data?
Maurice Wilkins
What does Franklin finally name her best "B form" picture?
Photo 51
What new nickname does she acquire after this?
The Dark Lady
How many angstroms per "turn" is the DNA molecule?
34 angstroms per "turn"
WHat is the name of the pub that Watson and Crick declare that they have found the "secret of life" in?
The Eagle
What was the general theme of her work after leaving King's?
Virus research
What is she lated diagnosed with and what is the probable cause?
Cancer, her work with x-rays