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  1. Find the points in the process where the identified hazards can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to safe levels.
  2. For each CCP, establish the minimum or maximum limits that must be met to prevent or eliminate the hazard, or to reduce it to a safe level.
  3. What steps must be taken when a critical limit is not met?
  4. - Purchasing food from unsafe sources.

    - Failing to cook food correctly.

    - Holding food at incorrect temperatures.

    - Using contaminated equipment.

    - Practicing poor personal hygiene.

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  1. HACCP Step 4: Establish Monitoring ProceduresDetermine the best way for your operation to check the critical limits, then make sure they are consistently met.


  2. HACCP Step7: Establish Procedures for Record Keeping and DocumentationKeep records of your actions including monitoring, taking corrective action, validating equipment, and working with suppliers


  3. 7 HACCP Principles- Conduct a hazard analysis.

    - Determine critical control points.

    - Establish critical limits.

    - Establish monitoring procedures.

    - Identify corrective actions.

    - Verify that the system works.

    - Establish procedures for record keeping and documentation.


  4. VarianceDocument that allows a safety requirement to be waived or changed.