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ServSafe Managers 6th edition-Chapter 10

Cleaning and Sanitizing chapter of ServSafe Manager text
What is the definition of cleaning
To remove food and dirt from a surface
What is the definition of sanitizing?
To reduce pathogens to safe levels
If food-contact surfaces are in constant use, how ofter must they be cleaned and sanitized?
Every 4 hours
What must food handlers do to make sure sanitizing solution for use on food surfaces has been made correctly?
Test the solution with a sanitizer kit.
What should be done when throwing away chemicals?
Follow label instructions and regulatory requirements.
How should flatware and utensils that have been cleaned and sanitized be stored?
With handles facing up
What is the correct way to clean and sanitize a prep table?
Remove food from the surface, wash, rinse sanitize, and air-dry.
How many compartments should dish washing sink have?
Three (3)
In a 3 compartment sink, the third sink is used for what?
to sanitize dishes
In a 3 compartment sink, the second sink is used for what?
to rinse dishes
In a 3 compartment sink, the first sink is used for what?
to wash dishes
What factors influence the effectiveness of chemical sanitizers?
concentration, temperature, contact time, water hardness, and pH
Three common types of chemical sanitizers include:
Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds), chlorine, and iodine
Two methods of sanitizing include:
Using heat or chemicals
How long must an object be soaked in quats to be properly sanitized?
30 seconds
How long must an item be soaked in iodine to properly sanitize?
30 seconds
How long must an object be soaked in chlorine to be properly sanitized?
7 seconds
In a high temp dishwasher, what temperature must the final rinse cycle reach in order to properly sanitize?
180 degrees F
Minimum temperature of water for heat sanitizing
171 degrees F for at least 30 seconds
When washing dishes in a 3 compartment sink, what is the minimum temperature for the wash water?
110 degrees F
When can you use a towel to dry items?
Never, always air dry
What is the purpose of an MSDS?
To list important information about chemicals including manufacturer name and address, precautions, safe use and handling, and identify ingredients and other important facts