Positive symptoms of schizophrenia

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Clang associationschoice of words is governed by sound (often rhyming)Word Saladgroup of words put together in a random fashionCirumstantialitydelay in reaching the point of a communication because of unnecessary and tedious detailsTangentialityinability to get to the point of communication due to introduction of many new topicsMutismInability or refusal to speakIdentification and imitationTaking on the form of behavior one observes in anotherEcholaliarepeating words that are heardEchopraxiarepeating movements that are observedPerceptionsinterpretation of stimuli through the systemsHallucinationsFalse sensory perceptions not associated with real external stimuli: Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Gustatory, OlfactoryIllusionsmisperceptions of real external stimuliCommand Hallucinationsauditory hallucinations that instruct a patient to act in specific ways; these orders can range in seriousness from innocuous to life-threatening.