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The Arctic

Where did the Inuit live?

The Pacific Northwest

Where did the Kwakiutl live?

The Southwest

Where did the Pueblo live?

The Great Plains

Where did the Lakota live?

The Eastern Woodlands

Where did the Iroquois live?


What was the climate like where the Inuit lived?

rainy and mild

What was the climate like where the Kwakiutl lived?

hot and dry

What was the climate like where the Pueblo lived?

dry grasslands

What was the climate like where the Lakota lived?

Columbia River

What river is nearest to the Kwakiutl?

Colorado River

What river is nearest to the Pueblo?

corn crops

How did the Pueblo get food?

Pueblo shelter

adobe pueblo

Inuit shelter


Kwakiutl shelter

Lakota shelter


Iroquois shelter


whales and seals

What did the Inuit hunt for food?


What did the Lakota hunt for food?

geography and climate

These two things affected how American Indians met their basic needs

Missouri River

What river is nearest to the Lakota?


What items are recovered and studied by archaeologists?


How many years ago did people live at Cactus Hill?

Nottoway River

This river is the site of the Cactus Hill archaeological dig.


These people look for evidence of ancient American Indians.

prime meridian

This is the 0 degree line of longitude.


This is the 0 degree line of latitude

prime meridian


Before finding Cactus Hill, archaeologists thought this was the oldest human culture in North America.


__________ resources are things that come directly from nature.
(Examples: fish, wild animals, crops)


__________ resources are the people working to produce goods and services.
(Examples: People who fish, hunt, or make clothing.)


__________ resources are the goods produced from natural resources.
(Examples: canoes, bows, spears)


These American Indians inhabited the interior of the United States.


These American Indians inhabited the area that is New Mexico and Arizona today.


These American Indians lived in desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains.

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