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andar de boca en boca

to be the talk of the town

en boca cerrada no entran moscas

a closed mouth gathers no foot

hacérse(le) la boca agua (a uno)

to lick one's lips; to make one's mouth water

quedarse con la boca abierta

to be flabbergasted

no dar el brazo (de uno) a torcer

to insist on one's position or opinion

ser el brazo derecho de alguien

to be someone's righthand man/woman

cruzarse de brazos

not to do anything

perder la cabeza

to lose one's head

romperse la cabeza

to rack one's brain

ser un (tener la) cabeza dura

to be hard-headed, to be stubborn

dar la cara

to face, to be responsible for something

echar en cara

to throw in one's face, to rub it in

tener cara de pocos amigos

to have a very unfriendly expression

tener la (ser) cara duro

to be shameless

tener el (ser) codo duro

to be tight-fisted

tener buen diente

to be a good eater

decir algo de dientes afuera

doesnt mean what you say

hablar entre dientes

to mumble, to talk to oneself

tener la lengua larga

to have a big mouth

no tener pelos en la lengua

to be very frank

al alcance de la mano

at one's fingertips

coger (a alguien) con las manos en la mesa

to catch (someone) red-handed

dar(echar) una mano

to lend a hand

írsele la mano (a uno)

to go too far

lavarse las manos

to wash one's hands (to disclaim responsibility for)

costar un ojo de la cara

to cost an arm and a leg

(no) mirar con buenos ojos

(not) to like

echar mal de ojo

to give the evil eye

(mucho) ojo!

watch out!

con pelos y señales

with many details

ponérsele (a uno) los pelos de puntas

to have one's hair stand on end

tomarle el pelo (a uno)

to pull one's leg, to tease

andar con pies de plomo

to be very cautious

de pies a cabeza

from head to toe

entrar con el pie derecho

to start off on the right foot

poner (tener) los pies en el suelo

to plant one's feet firmly on the ground

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