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Psychology Midterm #1

In a survey, psychologists select a random sample of research participants in order to ensure that
the participants are representative of the population they are interested in studying.
Dr. Caleigh conducts research on the relationship between adults' language skills and the capacity to solve mathematical problems. Dr. Caleigh is most likely a
cognitive psychologist
Random assignment minimizes differences between _________ and _______. Random sampling minimizes differences between _______ and _______.
1. experimental and control groups
2. sample and a population.
Which psychological perspective is most likely to be concerned with identifying the powers and limits of human reasoning?
Illusory correlation refers to the perception of a relationship between
two variables that do not exist
The scientific attitude of humility is most likely to be undermined by
hindsight bias.
The specialist most likely to have a medical degree is a
Which psychologists are MOST likely to be involved in applied research?
Industrial organizational psychologists.
The most foolproof way of testing whether a newly introduced method of psychological therapy is truly effective is to use
experimental research.
Professor Smith told one class that drinking alcohol has been found to increase sexual desire. He informed another class that drinking alcohol has been found to reduce sexual appetite. The fact that neither class was surprised by the information they received best illustrates the power of
hindsight bias
Which lobes of the brain receive the input that enables you to feel someone scratching your back?
A brief electrical charge that travels down the axon of a neuron is called
The Axon Potential
A picture of a dog is briefly flashed in the left visual field of a split brain patient. At the same time a picture of a boy is flashed in the right visual field. In identifying what she saw, the patient would be most likely to verbally
report that she saw a boy.
A simple, automatic inborn response to sensory stimulus is called a
The inability to recognize familiar faces even though one can clearly see and describe features of the faces is associated with damage to the
right temporal lobe.
When a person speaks, brain waves, and blood flow are especially likely to reveal increased activity in the
left hemisphere.
The sensory cortex is most critical for our sense of
At the age of 22, Mrs. LaBlanc was less than 4 feet tall, her short stature was probably influenced by the lack of growth hormone produced by the
pituitary gland.
The ability to simultaneously copy different figures with the right and left hand is most characteristic of those whose
corpus collosum has been cut.
The part of the peripheral nervous system that controls the glands and the muscles of the internal organs is called the
the autonomic nervous system.
The best way to detect enlarged fluid filled brain regions in some patients who have schizophrenia is to us an
The knee-jerk reflex is controlled by interneurons in the
Spinal Cord
The study of the links between physiology activing and psychological events is called
Biological psychology
The hypothalamus influences the
pituitary gland to send messages to the endocrine system
The use of barbiturates decreases anxiety and decreases
nervous system activity
Arlette often consumes up to six cocktails in a row before she experiences any noticeable symptoms of intoxication. This suggests that Arlette has developed
A periodic, natural loss of consciousness that involves five distinct stages is known
During the course of a full night's sleep, people are most likely to spend more time in REM sleep than stage
At 3 o'clock in the morning, John has already slept for 4 hours. As long as his sleep continues we can expect an increasing occurrence of
REM sleep
Morphine and heroin are
One of the dangers of using Ecstasy at all-night dance
Mrs. Roberts, who suffers from AIDS, has been given an ordinarily illegal drug at the university hospital. Considering her specific medical condition it is likely that she received
The greatest danger of viewing drug addiction as a disease is that this may lead drug addicts to feel too
powerless to overcome to drug
Prior to age 9 childrens dreams seem more like a slide show and less like an active story in which the dreamer is the main character. This best illustrates that the content of dreams reflects
cognitive development
The social roles assigned to women and men differ
widely across cultures
The study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior is known as
behavioral genetics
Women are most likely to be sexually attracted to men who seem
mature and affluent
The reproductive advantage enjoyed by organisms best suited to a particular environment is known as
natural selection
Compared with people in individualist cultures, those in collectivist cultures are more likely to show signs of
humility and giving into others wishes
Frans avoids talking with food in his mouth because other people think it is crude and inappropriate. This best illustrates the impact of
According to evolutionary psychologists, our predispositions to over consume fatty junk food illustrates that we are biologically prepared to behave in ways that promoted the
reproductive success of our ancestors
Gender differences in verbal fluency are consistent with evidence that parts of the
frontal lobe are thicker in women than men
Critics of evolutionary psychology are most likely to suggest that it underestimates the impact
cultural aspects on human sexual behavior
If research suggested that a pregnant mothers use of an artificial sweetener caused harm to the fetus, the artificial sweetener would be considered
Some mothers feed their infants when they show signs of hunger whereas others fail to respond predictably to their infants demands for food. These different maternal feeding practices are most likely to contribute to differences
in infant attachement
An awareness of your distinctive status as an international student in a university far from your homeland best illustrates a sense of
social identity
An elaborate ceremony used to celebrate a person's emergence into adulthood is an example of
rite of passage
A teratogen is a substance that can cross the
the placental barrier and can cause harm to an unborn child
At age 12, Sean is happy and has a positive self image. It is most likely Sean's parents are
The ability to think logically about hypothetical situations is indicative of the
formal operational phase of development