World War I


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Congress of Vienna
Caused the European nations to form alliances
Extreme pride in your country/National heritage
Nations expanding and creating Empires
Aggressive building up the military
Arms Race
Competition to build up the military and weapons
Triple Alliance (Central Powers)
Made up of Germany,Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Wilhelm II
King of Germany
Triple Entente (Allies)
Made up of Great Britain, France, Russia and America
Took over
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Assassination started World War I
Western Front
Stalemate in Northeastern France
Schlieffen Plan
Defeat France and then go east and defeat Russia
1st Battle the the Marne
Allied powers regroup and defeat Germany in 4 days before they take Paris
Trench warfare
A stalemate in NE France where fighting was done in trenches
No Man's Land
Land in between trenches
WWI weapons
Poison Gas- introduced by Germans. Blindness, severe blisters, or death by chocking
Machine Gun- could wipe out waves of attackers making advancing difficult
Tank- introduced by Britain in 1916 at Battle of Somme
Submarine- introduced by Germany in 1914. Primary weapon was the torpedo
Airplane- seen as a powerful weapon, both sides build faster, stronger, better planes
Eastern Front
Fighting in Russia
Act angered America who demanded Germany stop of risk America getting involved
Unrestricted submarine warfare
Attacking any ship without warning
Not getting involved
Zimmerman Telegram
Got the United States involved in the war
Total War
countries devoted ALL their resources to winning the war
Buying smaller amounts of items
One-sided information
Vladimir Lenin
Set up a communist government in Russia-leader of the Bolsheviks
All form of production is owned by the people
Russian Revolution
When Communists take over Russia
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Ending war between Russia and Germany
Give up
Agreement to stop fighting
Big 4
Woodrow Wilson- the US
Georges Clemenceau- France
David Lloyd George- Great Britain
Vittorio Orlando- Italy
14 points
An outline for lasting peace
Allowing people to decide what government they want
Treaty of Versailles
Peace treaty ending World War I
Forced Germany to:
Give up territory
Pay reparations
Admit fault for the war
League of Nations
An international association meant to keep the peace
Repayment for damage