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foods test 4/9/18


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what year was Eiffel tower built
Paris is divided into _________ arrondissements, or government jurisdictions
why do the French shop for groceries daily
-high quality
what kinds of meat and poultry are most popular in France? What kinds of meat are more unusual?
popular: veil, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, quail
unusual: horse, rabbit, goat
what forms of transportation are used in Paris?
cars, taxis, buses, scooters, motorcycles, bikes, walking
how does where you sit at a French café influence the price you pay to eat
sitting/outside = more $
what is a crêpe
thin pancake like pastry with filling
what Frenchtown is the Cours Saleya market found
T/F: meals in southern France feature primarily meat and poultry
False- primarily serve seafood
how is white asparagus grown
bury in the ground
what herbs are included in Herbes de Provence
lavender, basil, bayleaf, rosemary, thyme
according to Chinese believe, ___________ stand outside buildings to ward off evil spirits and the color ___________ is believed to bring good luck and wealth
what are some examples of natural remedies used in Chinese herbal medicine
seahorses, snake wine, deer antlers
Chinese noodles are made from what foods? How did noodles influence pasta in Italy?
marco polo
why is the seafood section of a Chinese food market called the "wet market"
all the fish are side-by-side alive in tanks
what is unique about fish purchased at a Chinese food market
they are alive and killed fresh
what are some Chinese beliefs about food and health
proper foods give you better health
why do typical Chinese meals consist of many courses and why do meals always include soup
it's considered to be a beverage
what building has become a symbol of Shanghai
The radio tower
what are some street foods found in shanghai that makes quick and inexpensive meals
eggs, noodles, rice, fresh fish and meat
Fish are an excellent source of what nutrients
High quality proteins with all the essential amino acids, vitamin A in vitamin D
The only bones considered edible and fish are those in __________ products
what are the four forms fish come in at the supermarket
1-whole, fresh fish
2-dressed fish
4-fresh fillet's
what is the most authentic original food of the United States
what did the new England cuisine center on
hearth cooking
in which region did two kinds of cuisine develop side-by-side
south- masters table (pastries&meat), slaves table (greens)
what style cooking originated in Louisiana
cajun cooking (spicy)
which region is considered the bread basket of America
what helped more and more settlers to come to the Midwest and made shipping crops possible
name one product besides corn syrup that may be in
lipstick, toothpaste, dynamite
name the most popular cookbook of the 20th century first published in 1936
"The all new joy of cooking"
what category of food was abundant in the northwest
what was the first drive-in restaurant created by two Brothers in the 40s
what kind of cuisine is said to be coming out of California presently
Fusion cuisine
how did regional foods develop
ethnic groups settling in certain regions of the US
what type of dishes are common in the southern part of America
gumbo, okra, grits, jambalaya
what type of dishes are common in the southwest part of America
chili, beans, Mexican food, salsa, beef