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70-680 CH 7 Working w/ Applications Q&A

70-680 CH 7 Working w/ Applications Q&A
Chapter 7 Questions and Answers
Restricted sites / Trusted sites
what are the names of the two security zones in Internet Explorer that have no sites in them by default?
toolbars and extentions / search providers / accelerators / inprivate filtering
what are the add-on types supported by Internet Explorer 8?
hash / Certificate / Path / zone / default
what are the software restriction policy rules and list them from highest precedence
App Compatibility manager / compatibility admin / IEcompatibility Test tool / set-up analysis tool / standard user analyzer
which tools are included in the application compatibility toolkit 5.5?
the primary function of the SmartScreen Filter in the Internet Explorer 8 is to protect users from which of the following forms of malware?
a web page that is incompatible w/ IE8
what does a broken window icon in Internet Explorer 8 address bar indicate?
Windows 7 / Windows server 2008 sp2
which Windows versions support Applocker Policies?

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