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Cabeza de Vaca
Spanish explorer that was originally part of the Narvaez exploration. Was a survivor of the hurricane, but was held captive by Native Americans. Eventually escaped and traveled to Mexico city through Texas. He told many stories of good and riches in Texas.
Spanish explorer that conquered Cuba and claimed land in present day Florida. Was set to conquer land between Florida and Mexico, but was killed during a hurricane in the gulf of Mexico
Spanish explorer that established a settlement in Santa Fe. Also known for the El Paso area of Texas as well as the first thanksgiving. Settled the upper Rio Grande Valley and claimed it for Spain.
La Salle
French explorer that claimed land along the Mississippi river and it's tributaries. He also built Fort St. Louis in Texas (increased Spain's attention to settling), but later destroyed by the Karankawa. This explorer claimed Texas for France for two years. He was the first European to reach the Mississippi delta. Walked to the Great Lakes when supplies became low.
de Soto
Explored up from Florida reaching present day states of Alabama, Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee (southeastern United States).
Spanish explorer to leave Jamaica and map the Gulf Coast.
Spanish explorer that was searching for the seven cities of Cibola aka gold. Also, he explored the Texas panhandle which he called the "sea of grass" meaning it was good farming soil, but no gold. Also explored parts of Southwestern United States.
a Spanish explorer who searched for wealth and land in the Americas
governor of a colony who rules in the name of the king
a settlement founded to spread Christianity to the people of an area
a pirate
Pineda's route
includes leaving Jamaica and continuing on to Florida and along the gulf coast. Mapping along the way.
de Soto's route
includes venturing north from Florida into Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas.
La Salle's route
Includes entering the gulf of Mexico, going by the mouth of the Mississippi, and landing near Houston on the Texas coast. He lacked navigation skills and leadership.
de Vaca's route
is from the ending point of Narvaez's exploration to Galveston bay then inland through Texas to Mexico city.
Cortes's route
was from Cuba to Mexico never entering Texas
Onate's route
was leaving Mexico city going north through the Rio Grande onward through El Paso
New Spain
Term used for Spain's empire in the Americas
Luis de Moscoso's route
Explored East Texas and back to the Mississippi River.