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  1. effect
  2. aegis
  3. affect
  4. conciliatory
  5. erudite
  1. a a. a result b. to bring about
  2. b possessing great knowledge or scholarship
  3. c a. to influence; to change b. to put on a false show or display of c. feeling or emotion, especially as shown in facial expressions or body language
  4. d peacemaking; appeasing; intended to overcome distrust. animosity, or conflict
  5. e protection; sponsorship; guidance

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  1. to go forward or onward
  2. a. intended to teach b. overly moralistic; preachy
  3. of a peaceful nature; calm
  4. to leave one country or region and settle in another
  5. fearless; having unwavering courage

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  1. mellowa. relaxes and unhurried; easygoing b. to become more relaxed or pleasant


  2. edifypossessing great knowledge or scholarship


  3. imbuea. to inspire or influence thoroughly b. to stain or dye thoroughly


  4. indoctrinateto instruct in or impart certain principles or ideology


  5. conducivetending to cause or bring about; favorable to