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  1. pedagogy
  2. deprivation
  3. conducive
  4. pundit
  5. flamboyant
  1. a a. a person of great learning about a particular topic; an expert b. a source of opinion; a critic
  2. b the state of lacking or doing without something; loss
  3. c showy, flashy, vivid or dramatic
  4. d tending to cause or bring about; favorable to
  5. e a. the art or profession of teaching b. the body of knowledge related to education and teaching

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  1. to restore something to an earlier condition, be repairing or remodeling
  2. protection; sponsorship; guidance
  3. a. relaxes and unhurried; easygoing b. to become more relaxed or pleasant
  4. acting with confidence and force; sure of one's self
  5. fearless; having unwavering courage

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  1. extricateto free from difficulty or entanglement


  2. indoctrinateto instruct in or impart certain principles or ideology


  3. complaisantshowy, flashy, vivid or dramatic


  4. pedanticoverly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules


  5. importuneto annoy with repeated and insistent requests; to ask for urgently or repeatedly