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  1. Stringent
  2. Bombastic
  3. Lassitude
  4. Occult
  5. Millennium
  1. a adj. pompous, inflated, overblown in language
  2. b n. lack of energy, fatigue
  3. c adj. strict, severe, tough, urgent
  4. d n. a period of one thousand years or great joy
  5. e adj. mysterious, magical, supernatural

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  1. v. express strong disapproval, rail
  2. adj. essential, inherent, organic
  3. v. to cozy up to, curry favor with
  4. n. poise, assurance, self-confidence, composure
  5. n. an intruder, trespasser

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  1. Epitomen. summary, model, embodiment, best example of


  2. Ex officiov. to urge strongly, implore


  3. Callown. poise, assurance, self-confidence, composure


  4. Exhortadj. mysterious, magical, supernatural


  5. Precipitatev. to cause or bring about suddenly, provoke. n. moisture. adj. reckless