S/E development in middle childhood

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industry vs inferiority

industry being engaged in productive work, and inferiority being trying new skills and failing without adequate instruction.

self-concept in middle childhood

much more realistic

self-esteem in middle childhood

comparing ourselves to an ideal and how others support us

who has higher academic competence?


who has higher social competence?


who has higher physical competence?


who has higher physical appearance confidence?


who has a higher overall self-esteem?


perspective taking

connected to:
cognitive dev.
authoritative parenting
emotional dev.

what are the 4 stages of selman's theory?

0. undifferentiated
1. social-informational
2. third-party perspective
3. societal perspective

psychoanalytic theory

guilt serves as what is right and wrong

social learning

imitation of good behavior for good conduct

cognitive moral development

reasoning for good conduct

damen's sequence

5-6 = equality
6-7 = merit
8-up = benevolence

piaget's moral development

moral realism- (3-6) RULES!
moral relativism- (8-up)


we construct what we believe is right and wrong, and it is measured by how we reason dilemmas
pre conventional


judgements are based solely on person's own needs and perspectives


needs of other people and groups are taken in

post conventional

judgements based on generalized principles


moral development theory
women care about the well being of specific groups and oneself, while men care about justice for all.

ty binfet

gives students moral dilemmas to consider
teaching and learning benefits

teaching and learning benefits

active listening
no side conversations
justifying opinions
respecting others
speaking clearly
problem solving


subset of peers who engage in mutual companionship

4 areas of peer acceptance


pros/cons of a blended family

more financial support

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