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Look at the reactants of a chemical reaction and predict the products. f you got the correct compounds but in a different order than was the correct answer then use the "I was RIGHT" button. 3 things to always remember when balancing chemical equations: 1) HX + Y(OH) --> XY + H(OH) No matter what elements X and Y are; any double replacement reaction with a hydroxide bonding to a hydrogen can be written as H₂O *OR* H(OH). Below in combustion is the only time I use H₂O, and with all…

C₄H₆ + O₂ →

CO₂ + H₂O

Mg + I →


CuCl₂ + H₂S →

CuS + HCl

Na(OH) + H(ClO₄) →

Na(ClO₄) + H(OH)

HCl + Zn →

ZnCl₂ + H₂

Na + MgCl₂ →

NaCl + Mg

CaCl₂ + K₂(CO₃) →

Ca(CO₃) + KCl

K + Cl →


Na₂(SO₄) + K(OH) →

K₂(SO₄) + Na(OH)

C₆H₁₀O₃ + O₂ →

CO₂ + H₂O

Al + O₂ →


Mg + F →


Pb(SO₄) + Ag(NO₃) →

Ag₂(SO₄) + Pb(NO₃)₂

Ca + AgCl →

CaCl₂ + Ag

KCl + Na(OH) →

NaCl + K(OH)

C₆H₁₂ + O₂ →

CO₂ + H₂O

Li + S →


HCl + Mg(OH)₂ →

MgCl₂ + H(OH)

Ca(OH)₂ + H₃(PO₄) →

Ca₃(PO₄)₂ + H(OH)

Mg + HCl →

MgCl₂ + H₂

KBr + Cl₂ →

KCl + Br₂

FeS + HCl →

H₂S + FeCl₂

KI + Pb(NO₃)₂ →

K(NO₃) + PbI₂

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