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  • first aid kit
    A set of tools that you use for a simple medical treatment that is given as soon as possible.
  • insect repellent
    a substance that you use to keep insects away
  • sun cream
    lotion to block dangerous rays of the sun from your skin
  • survival blanket
    A blanket used in case of emergency
  • water bottle
    a container for carrying drink water
  • whistle
    A thing you blow that makes a sound
  • compass
    navigational instrument for finding directions
  • map
    a visual representation of an area
  • car park
    a place where vehicles can be parked
  • rain coat
    a jacket used to keep you dry.
  • national park
    a large area of land that a government has set aside in order to preserve it in its natural state
  • campsite
    an area where people can stay in tents for a holiday
  • destination
    The place to which something or someone is going
  • picnic area
    the designated area where you can eat.
  • route
    The path that must be followed to get to a place
  • landmark
    A building or natural feature that is easy to see and can be used as a guide.