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Mouth Mirror

Indirect vision; light reflection; retration of tongue and cheek; tissue protection


Detects Calculus, decay, or fractures on surface of the teeth

Cotton Forceps

Carry, place and retrieve small objects

Spoon Excavator (lg and sm)

Removal of soft dentin, debris, and decay from the tooth


Cut enamel, clean and smooth walls and floor for tooth preparation


Planes the walls and floor of tooth preparation

Angle Former

Defines point angles and sharpens line angles of cavity preparation

Chisel (Straight and Wedelstaedt)

Plane and shape enamel and dentin walls in cavity preparation in anterior teeth

Gingival Margin Trimmer (mesial and distal)

Cuts enamel and place bevels around gingival preparation (gingival margin)

Composite Carrying Instrument

For carrying dental materials to prepared tooth

Finishing interproximal knife

To carve excess composite from interproximal area


To carve excess composite from interproximal area


To smooth surfaces of freshly placed composite restoration

Articulating Paper Holder

Hold articulating paper to check occlusion of restoration

Celluloid Strip/Clear Matrix

Provides temporary wall for restoration

Finishing Strip

Shape and smooth interproximal surfaces of restoration

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