NOCTI EOPA visual communications and interactive media design

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides information about first aid measures, stability and reactivity, and
handling and storage
The _______ an X-Acto knife is, the safer it is to use.
Spray adhesive and fixative should be used in a
Well- vented area
Which job title's primary function would be to write proper CSS and HTML code for a website?
Web Developer
The _________ is the person who lays out a magazine ad.
Graphic designer
During a portfolio critique, what could be shared to show the evolution of a logo design?
Thumbnail sketches
A file format used for universal file sharing is
Which of the following extensions indicates a graphics file?
Using the key command "Control M" or "Command M" allows the user to __________ a file.
A kilobyte is a unit of measurement that is equal to
1,000 Bytes
Which of the following is largest?
An example of multimedia is a/an
multiplayer video game
using a small budget and a tight deadline, a designer needs to promote an upcoming concert. which advertising method would be MOST effective?
-produce and post a video on social media
-create and run a newspaper advertisement
-design and place a billboard
-plan and produce a television ad
produce and post a video on social media
the resolution that is BEST for a web graphic is
72 pixels per inch
HTTP stands for what when entering an address on the world wide web?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTML stands for
Hypertext Markup Language
Elements of design include color, value, shape, texture, and
A well- designed vacation resort brochure should contain
less text and more photos
A coherent whole and uninterrupted flow refers to
what is it called when there is a repetition of lines, shapes, or motifs?
when digital photographs are taken, the resolution is determined by
To understand a client's communication needs, it is helpful to research the client's marketplace, ask questions about the nature of the client's business, and
ask for details about previous media productions
quick, spontaneous sketches of ideas are called
the purpose of brainstorming is to
generate a lot of ideas
a designer is using a scanner and wants to reduce an 8 x 10 image to a 4 x 5 image. To do so, the designer should set the scanner to reduce to
50 percent
of the following colors, which will create the impression of warmth?
the process colors used in printing are cyan, magenta, yellow, and
the primary colors on an additive color wheel are red, green, and
for printing a conference research paper, which of the following font styles would be a better choice?
Times New Roman
When choosing a font for the headline on a billboard, which would be MOST readable?
-Bold sans serif
-condensed light italic
-large script
-fancy decorative
Bold sans serif
the descender on a lower case letter, such as "q", extends
below the baseline
what is controlling the space between a pair of letters called?
QuarkXpress and InDesign are examples of what type of software?
Page layout
In order to print crop marks and color bars on a letter sized document, which paper size would work BEST?
which tool is used to determine new dimensions when scaling a photograph?
proportion wheel