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Ch. 3

Which University of Chicago sociologist was accused of wanting to legitimize gay sex?

Edward Laumann

In ancient Greece, high-class prostitutes were called _________.


What kind of prostitute is hired by businesses for their best-paying clients as a perk?

Corporate prostitution

What kind of prostitute has a client arrange a date and privately negotiates the inclusion of sexual services for a set fee?

Corporate prostitution

Which prostitutes frequent truck stops, moving from one truck to another in search of clients?

Parking lot lizards

Susan is an elite prostitute. She often flies to a different city to meet with her clients. She is a __________.

call girl

Amelia is a prostitute. She tells herself that what she is doing is normal. This reflects which stage?

Transitional deviance stage

Which of the following will continue to drive changes in pornography?

Technology and profits

Two people agree to exchange sex for money. Although this is a crime in most places in the United States, sociologists think of this transaction as __________.


True/ False Pornography protects women and children from rape.


True/ Fasle Sex is strictly a personal matter.


True/False Pornography has become so common that we can say that the United States has become pornified.


True/False Child pornography is a victimless crime.


Jerome is visiting Brazil for 3 weeks. Before he leaves the United States, his father instructs him to avoid renting out a woman's body for sexual purposes while he is out of the country. Jerome's father instructed him to avoid

sex tourism

Today, the professor will be lecturing about those activities associated with arousal, intercourse, and reproduction. The topic of the lecture is __________.


Tai Min is a 14-year-old girl who was encouraged by government officials to rent out her body for sexual purposes to help her country's economy. Tai Min is being asked to engage in __________.

patriotic prostitution

Ophelia is a prostitute and she identifies herself as such. Ophelia is in the __________.

professionalization stage

Rochelle is a prostitute. She can be found hailing passing cars to meet her clients. She is a __________.


Prostitutes gather in public settings. For female prostitutes, these are known as red-light districts. What is the equivalent for males?

Meat racks

Two people agree to exchange sex for money. Although this is a crime in most places in the United States, sociologists think of this transaction as __________.


The fact that prostitution has always been around can lead us to make which conclusion?

We will always have some form of prostitution.

Male prostitutes have a hierarchy that is very different from that of female prostitutes.


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