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Mr.Smith Goes To Washington Movie


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how does the movie begin
the death of senator Fall. the governor has to choose a replacement senator for the rest of the term
who is the kids choice for senator
Jefferson Smith
how does the governor decide who will be the interim senator
by flipping a coin which lands on its side next to Smiths newspaper
how did Mr. Smith's father die
he got shot in the back. first, his father was bribed, then threatened him, then shot him cuz mr.smith senior refused to stop writing about the case
How does Mr.Smith react to seeing the capital
he was in awe/captivated by it
How does Mr. Smith's companions react to seeing the capital
They don't care about it because they think its just another place to make money
why does Mr.Smith go around punching the reporters in the mouth
they humiliated/ made a fool out of him
what do reporters at the press club tell him
he is an idiot and that he is only there to do what senator Paine tells him to
why is the location of Smiths camp so important
it is the same place where they are planning to build a dam
what does Taylor offer in attempt to bribe Smith
any job and if he wants to stay in the senate he will never have to go back up for re-election
what does Paine accuse Smith of doing
graft and saying that Smith owns Willet Creek and is using it for his own benefit
how does sanders inspire Smith to return to Capital to fight
she uses Lincoln's words
how does smith get the senate to listen to him
Kenneth allen
the one who owns some of the land in Willet Creek
how long does smith hold the senate floor
idk yet
why do none of Smith's ideas appear in the mainstream newspapers back at hime
idk yet
what are the 2 pork barrel projects
the camp and the dam
which pro barrel project is illegal
dam cuz od graft
which pork barrel project is legal