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Types of Hotel Rooms


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Qualities guests look for when booking a hotel
*The number of people staying in a hotel OR
*The number of hotel rooms being used.
*The rooms is NOT OCCUPIED(not taken). And there are NO guests staying in the room.
*Not all of the hotel rooms available at the hotel are currently booked (There is still room available to be rented.)
What is an occupant?
OCCUPANT= is a Person
SINGLE occupancy
1 person staying in one room.
DOUBLE occupancy
2 people staying in one room.
TRIPLE occupancy
3 people staying in one room.
QUAD occupancy
4 people staying in one room.
Features of a typical hotel room
-chair or small table
2 Queen Room (2 beds)
2 queen beds
Max occupancy:4 people
- All features
King Room
*A room with one king bed.
-Max Occupancy:2 people
- All features
1 or 2 beds with sofa
A room with 1 or 2 beds with a pull out couch
Max occupancy:2-6
-All features
Suite room
*A hotel room with a separate living room and bedroom
Max occupancy:Varies
-All features
Efficiency Room
A hotel room 1 or 2 beds and a small kitchen
-Max occupancy:Varies
-All features
Connecting Room
a door that connects 2 rooms together from inside the hotel room.Each room has an internal door and lock.
Max occupancy:Varies
Adjacent Rooms
Two hotel rooms that share a wall between them or a common wall.
-Max Occupancy:Varies
What is the difference between a connecting room and an adjacent room?
ALL connecting rooms are adjacent; but not all adjacent rooms are connecting.

Just because 2 rooms share a wall (or are adjacent to each other), it does not mean that they have a door INSIDE the guestroom connecting to the room beside it.