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Executive Functioning Vocabulary 2018


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reflective thinking
Organization- Do you have what you need?
having a system for keeping track of things
Planning and Prioritization- What is your plan?
knowing the steps required to reach an outcome or goal, and anticipating possible obstacles
Sustained Attention- Where is your focus?
paying attention for extended periods of time or until your task is done despite distractions
Time Management- Are you managing time or is time managing you?
using your time effectively to accomplish your goal
Emotional Control - Are you in control?
not letting your feelings get in the way of reaching your goal
Response Inhibition -T.H.I.N.K.
controlling your impulses, thinking before you act, and making good choices
Working Memory - Is your memory working?
keeping track of information while you are using it, and recalling strategies in the past to solve problems in the present
Goal-Directed Persistence - Are you sticking with it?
not giving up, determination to succeed and planning to reach your goal
Flexibility - Are you stuck on the escalator?
being able to readily change tasks, or to accept different ways of doing something, learn to adapt
Task Initiation- Have you started?
the ability to start a task and move closer to your goals through your actions
Growth Mindset- Are you aware....?
My intelligence and abilities keep developing. I get smarter and better at things through; hard work, practice, persistence, and by staying motivated.
Growth mindset
I will keep trying even if I don't succeed the first time.
I am able to check my work before turning the assignment in
Being able to adjust to changes in plans or new situations
Time Management
Being able to try something new when you know something is not working out right the first
I keep my school materials orderly.
I check my agenda book notes while packing up at my locker.
Task Initiation
When I put an end to procrastination.
Sustained Attention
Being able to ignore or eliminate distractions when completing assignments, even when enjoy it.
Emotional Control
When I can manage how I feel, I am using
Response Inhibition
Being able to waiting my turn to speak, is using my:
Working Memory
Being able to recall important information during a task, is using my:
I believe I can get better at something if I really want to.
working to overcome challenges and/or obstacles

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