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  1. (put it down, take leading families to Babylon) Babylonian Captivity
  2. married non-Hebrew
  3. tweeners
  4. decline of the E. and Hittites and Babylonians
  5. Monetarists
  1. a What was a conflict for the people with King Solomon?
  2. b A group that worships only one god but believes in the existence of other gods for other groups
  3. c What did the Chaldeans do in response to the Hebrew revolt?
  4. d People who are on the outskirts of civilization with a barbarian spirit and advanced weapons
  5. e What happened because of the era of small kingdoms?

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  1. Which Persian king took over Egypt?
  2. What were problems with the Hebrews becoming a settled society?
  3. What did the prophet Jeremiah do in response to the Hebrews' anger at Yahweh for the Babylonian captivity?
  4. Which Persian king took over the Chaldeans in 539?
  5. What Assyrian king took the Hebrews?

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  1. golden age & extravaganceWhat was King Solomon's reign like?


  2. free religion & semi-independent governmentsWhat was the Persian method of rule?


  3. PhilistinesGreek sea people


  4. Ahura MazdaWho was the god of good in Persian religion?


  5. YahwehWho is the special people's god?


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