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  1. let Hebrews go, religion freedom
  2. universal, intangible monotheistic God
  3. the umbrella effect
  4. Astarte
  5. no loyalty, too few soldiers, purity of blood, separation of men and women
  1. a What did the Persians do after conquered the Babylonian Empire?
  2. b What lead to the fall of the Assyrians?
  3. c What caused the advancement of civilization under the Assyrian rule?
  4. d What did Amos and Isaiah say Yahweh was?
  5. e prostitution of Ishtar

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  1. What was the cause of the era of small kingdoms?
  2. How did the Assyrians rule?
  3. A group that worships only one god but believes in the existence of other gods for other groups
  4. What was the tweeners' purpose?
  5. What Assyrian king took Egypt?

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  1. AbrahamWho was the tribe leader of the Hebrews?


  2. Sargon IIWhat Assyrian king took Mesopotamia and Syria?


  3. 539When did the Persians conquer the Chaldeans?


  4. PhilistinesGreek sea people


  5. golden age & extravaganceWhat was the Sinai experience?