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  1. Hebrew war with Canaanites
  2. Abraham
  3. the umbrella effect
  4. 722
  5. Phoenicians
  1. a What was the Sinai experience?
  2. b What caused the advancement of civilization under the Assyrian rule?
  3. c Middlemen, credited with first alphabet & missionaries of civilization
  4. d When did the Assyrians wipe out the northern Hebrew Kingdom?
  5. e Who was the tribe leader of the Hebrews?

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  1. What Assyrian king took the Hebrews?
  2. What did the Chaldeans do in response to the Hebrew revolt?
  3. Who is the special people's god?
  4. Which Persian king took over Egypt?
  5. When did the Persians conquer the Chaldeans?

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  1. hand appeared "you're going down", buildings shake as Persians charge inWhat happened with Balshezzar and the writing on the wall?


  2. Private property & the creation of social classesWhat was King Solomon's reign like?


  3. 960-922When did King Solomon rule?


  4. golden age & extravaganceWhat was the Sinai experience?


  5. AhrimanWho was the god of evil in Persian religion?