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  1. conquer Jerusalem
  2. Hebrews control Palestine
  3. switch to money economy, Yahweh's identity crisis
  4. Canaanites, Phoenicians, Carthaginians
  5. Chaldeans
  1. a Who took over the Assyrians in 589?
  2. b Who practiced the religion Baalim?
  3. c What were problems with the Hebrews becoming a settled society?
  4. d What did King David do?
  5. e What was a result of the conquering of Jerusalem?

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  1. What did Amos and Isaiah say Yahweh was?
  2. What was a conflict for the people with King Solomon?
  3. What did Amos and Isaiah predict for the urban Hebrews?
  4. Why were the Hebrews angry at Yahweh during the Babylonian Captivity?
  5. Greek sea people

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  1. hand appeared "you're going down", buildings shake as Persians charge inWhat happened with Balshezzar and the writing on the wall?


  2. SennacheribWhat Assyrian king took the Hebrews?


  3. 960-922When did King Solomon rule?


  4. explained captivity, predicted rescueWhat did the prophet Jeremiah do in response to the Hebrews' anger at Yahweh for the Babylonian captivity?


  5. 1200-800When was the Era of Small Kingdoms?