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  1. Assur
  2. disaster as punishment for sins
  3. Yahweh
  4. line of defense of civilization
  5. Sargon II
  1. a Assyrian city state and militant sun god
  2. b Who is the special people's god?
  3. c What Assyrian king took Mesopotamia and Syria?
  4. d What was the tweeners' purpose?
  5. e What did Amos and Isaiah predict for the urban Hebrews?

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  1. Who took over the Assyrians in 589?
  2. Who practiced the religion Baalim?
  3. What were problems with the Hebrews becoming a settled society?
  4. Middlemen, credited with first alphabet & missionaries of civilization
  5. What did the Persians do after conquered the Babylonian Empire?

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  1. (put it down, take leading families to Babylon) Babylonian CaptivityWhat happened because of the era of small kingdoms?


  2. european barbarian migrationsWhat was the cause of the era of small kingdoms?


  3. the umbrella effectAdvanced cultures under same government, no war, easy exchange of goods


  4. conquer JerusalemWhat did King David do?


  5. PhilistinesGreek sea people