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  1. 1200-800
  2. Hebrews control Palestine
  3. Philistines
  4. Phoenicians
  5. free religion & semi-independent governments
  1. a Middlemen, credited with first alphabet & missionaries of civilization
  2. b What was the Persian method of rule?
  3. c Greek sea people
  4. d What was a result of the conquering of Jerusalem?
  5. e When was the Era of Small Kingdoms?

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  1. What Assyrian king took the Hebrews?
  2. Assyrian city state and militant sun god
  3. When did King Solomon rule?
  4. When did the Persians conquer the Chaldeans?
  5. Who was the god of evil in Persian religion?

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  1. married non-HebrewWhat Assyrian king took the Hebrews?


  2. universal, intangible monotheistic GodWhat did Amos and Isaiah say Yahweh was?


  3. EsarhaddenWho is the special people's god?


  4. AbrahamWho was the tribe leader of the Hebrews?


  5. MithraAssyrian city state and militant sun god


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