Joysheet 24

Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine.
Name four New England States.
New York.
Forty percent of all office space in the United States is located within 50 miles of:
T or F: The fall line occurs in only the South
Mohawk Valley
The______ is a natural feature connecting Albany with the Lake Ontario plain, and the Airondack Mountains.
New Hampshire
The highest mountain in the Northeast is in:
In 1776, the largest city in the United States was:
In it's early development _____ was more about fishing and forestry than agriculture.
Erie Canal
The ______ did not make it possible for ocean ships to reach Chicago and Montreal.
700 miles
The New York area subway system is over _____ long.
New York Stock Exchange
The ________________ is located in Lower Manhattan.
About 75,000 steelworkers in ______ lost their jobs after the steel industry plummeted in 1974.
Boston/New York
Biotechnology is booming in ______ while ______ is the center of the nation's publishing industry.
Pennsylvania and Maryland
The Mason Dixon line divides:
Dallas. Everything's bigger in Texas :)
The largest urban area in the South is:
Of South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana and Alabama, which is NOT in the top 5 states for African Americans
Of Oklahoma, Arizona, Mew Mexico, California, and Texas, which is NOT in the top 5 states for Hispanics
The most important southern crop is:
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Tennessee Valley Authority was created by:
______ is part of Research Triangle Park.
The busiest airport in the U.S. is located in ____.
The Hampton Roads natural harbor is found in:
Norfolk, VA
The main Atlantic base for the US Navy is:
What city was established on the "Falls of the Ohio"
The only large center of iron and steel production in the South is:
The leading Midwestern state in agricultural production is:
Midwestern farmers may lobby the government to support what kind of alternative energy?
T or F: The % of agricultural workers in the Midwest remained relatively steady between 1930 and 2004
"Porkopolis" referred to a city in:
St. Louis
What city is second to Detroit in the manufacture of automobiles?
Food processing and meat packing were major early industries of:
What city was founded on a natural harbor on the Western end of Lake Erie?
What river was so polluted it caught on fire in 1969?
St. Louis
What city was initially founded by the French and became the Midwest's largest city until the late 19th century?
The mississippi river is much deeper South of St. Louis than North of it
Why did St. Louis become a "break of bulk" point?
The Falls of St. Anthony was the site of what city's founding?
Exurban "ranchettes" have been especially popular in:
Paved roads that were accessible in all seasons
What was the initial cause of the decline of many small towns across the US, particularly in the Great Plains?
Klamath Mountains
The cascades, Coast Ranges, And sierra Nevada almost meet in:
Mt. Whitney.............. :)
The tallest mountain in the "lower 48" is:
The Willamette Valley is located in:
The Wyoming Basin
The easiest natural passageway through the Rockies is:
The largest tourist draw in the US:
Denied public school education and medical services to illegal immigrants
In California, 1994's Proposition 187:
A Spanish fort
A "presidio" is:
The leading state in terms of annual fish catch is:
Before moving to Seattle in 1979, the Microsoft Corporation was created in what city?
Salt Lake City
What city lies at the foot of the Wasatch Range?
83% of ____'s land belongs to the federal government.
The largest producer of coal in the US is:
Yucca Mountain lies ______ of Las Vegas
Costly and controversial federal subsidies support Alaska's ______ industry.
What Hawaiian island is one of the rainiest areas in the world?
By some measures, the environment of _______ has been altered more than any other state.