Barron's SAT 1

Barron's SAT words, set 1, 25th edition NOTE: Some of these definitions (all directly from the book) have got the general idea, but not spot on. Refer to definitions in class. Will try and included them for later sets, but not for this one. Please also note that vocab with this _(abbreviation for part of speech)_ will only have the definition that pertains to that part of speech for the word.
v. to condense or shorten

Ex. An abridged dictionary is one that has been shortened.

Tip: bridge (bridges abridge long journeys)
adj. sparing in eating and drinking; temperate

Ex. Many model's abstemious diets lead them to become sick.

Tip: abstain
adj. theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational

Ex. To him, hunger was an abstract concept; he had never missed a meal.
adj. obscure, profound, difficult to understand

Ex. Chemistry is an abstruse subject of study for many students.

Tip: Moose
His friends consider Mike, the MOOSE, to be very ABSTRUSE.
adj. easy to approach; obtainable

Ex. We asked our tour guide if the ruins were accessible by foot.

Tip: access
v. assemble, gather, accumulate

Ex. We planned to compile a list of the words most frequently used on SAT examinations.

Tip: pile
n. self-satisfaction; smugness

Ex. Full of complacency about his latest victories, he looked smugly at the row of trophies on his mantlepiece.

Tip: co(cky) place
n. readiness to yield; conformity in fulfilling requirements

Bullheaded Bill was not noted for easy compliance with the demands of others.

As an architect, however, Bill recognized that his design for the new school would have to be in compliance with the local building codes.

Tip: comply
n. mental calmness

Ex. No matter what was thrown at her, she never lost her composure.
adj, through, inclusive

Ex. This book provides a comprehensive review of verbal and math skills for the SAT.
v. distribute; scatter (like seeds), spread

Ex. By their use of the internet, propagandist have been able to disseminate their doctrines to audiences around the globe.
adj. differing, deviating

Ex. Since graduating from medical school, the two doctors have taken divergent paths, one going on to become a nationally prominent surgeon, the other dedicating himself to a small family practice in his home town.

Tip: Diverge
n. teachings, in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.)

Ex. He was is committed to the doctrines of his faith and strives to live by them in day to day life.
document (v)
v. provide written evidence

Ex. She kept all the receipts from her business trip in order to document her expenses for the firm.
n. deceit; duplicity; wiliness; cunning

Ex. Con men use guile to trick women into giving them money.
adj. easily deceived

Ex. Overly gullible people have only themselves to blame if they fall for con artist repeatedly.
hamper (v)
v. obstruct

Ex. The new mother didn't realize how much the effort of caring for an infant would hamper her ability to keep an immaculate house.
adj. sturdy, robust, able to stand inclement weather

Ex. We asked the gardening expert to recommend particularly hardy plants that could withstand our harsh New England winters.
n. pride, arrogance

Ex. When she realized that Darcy believed himself too good to dance with his inferiors, Elizabeth took great offense at his haughtiness.
n. preoccupation with physical comforts and things

Ex. By it's nature, materialism is opposed to idealism, for where materialist emphasize the needs of the body, idealist emphasize the needs of the soul.
adj. systematic.

Ex. An accountant must be methodical and maintain order among his finances.
adj. excessively careful; painstaking; scrupulous

Ex. Martha Stewart was a meticulous housekeeper, fussing about each and every detail that went into the making up of her perfect home.
adj. stingy, mean

Ex. Transformed by his vision on Christmas Eve, mean old Scrooge ceased being miserly and became a generous, old, man.
v. appease, moderate

Ex. Nothing Jason did could mitigate Medea's anger; she refused to forgive him for betraying her.
v. disagree

Ex. In a recent Supreme Court decision, Justice O'Connor dissented from the majority opinion