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A carbon that contains a double bond is known as an _________ carbon

aldohexose, ketohexose

aldehyde + 6 carbon ring? ketone + 6 carbon ring?

aldopentose, ketopentose

aldehyde + 5 carbon ring? ketone + 5 carbon ring?


A ring consisting of 5 carbons is called a ______ ring.


A ring consisting of 4 carbons is called a ______ ring.

up, down

If the sugar is D, the last carbon points ______, if the sugar is L, the last carbon points ______


If a carb can mutarotate, it is called a ________ sugar.


What type of reaction occurs during disaccharide formation?


_______ bonds are much harder to digest!


Sucrose does not have a reducing end because both ______ carbons are in a glycosidic bond.


Disaccharides are formed by _______ linkage


Is fiber homoglycan, heteroglycan, or both?


Storage form of carbs in plants...


Is starch homoglycan, heteroglycan, or both?


Can be digested to glucose very fast and has a significant impact on blood glucose...

glycogen has more branches

What is the main difference between starch and glycogen?

starch, glycogen, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber

Polysaccharides are made up of....


Is glycogen homoglycan, heteroglycan, or both?

20, 80

Starch is made up of ___% amylose and ___% amylopectin.

amylose, amylopectin

Starch is made up of....

alpha 1-4

Amylose forms linear __________ bonds

alpha 1-4 and alpha 1-6

Amylopectin forms ___________ bonds


Amylopectin forms branch points at every ______ glucose.

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