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Endocrine system produces--- and fenestrated capillaries to allow direct transport into the bloodstream


Produces Calcitonin in the thyroid gland

Parafollicular cells

Inactive thyroid hormone stored by follicular cells.


prompted by TSH to modify T3 and T4


Increase blood calcium and stimulates osteoclast to break down bond to alter vitamin D absorption


Produces Calcitonin in the parathyroid gland

Chief Cells

Does the Endocrine system have Ducts?


produces Epinephrine and Norepinephrine in the medulla


Produces aldosterone, minercorticoid in the cortex of adrenal gland

Zonula Glomerulosa

Produces Cortisol, glucocorticoids in the cortex of the adrenal gland

Zonula fasciculata

Produces adrenal gland in the cortex of adrenal gland

Zonula reticularis

3 zones of the cortex of the adrenal gland( outer to inner)

glomerulosa- fasciculata- reticularis

located in the sella turcica

pituary gland

middle and largest zone of the cortex in the adrenal gland

zonula fasciculata

Rathke's pouch is found here

Anterior Pituary

produces prolactin- breast milk

Mamotrophs in the anterior pituary

Produces growth hormone- involved in stress management, metabolism and growth


2 acidophils

somatotrophs and mamotrophs

3 basophils

gonadotrophs, thyrotrophs, corticotrophs

produce FSH and LH


Produces TSH


Produces ACTH


support cells located in the pars nervosa( back portion of pituitary)


Promotes water reabsorption by acting on the distal tubule and collecting duct


Controls contraction of smooth muscle in uterus and contributes to milk ejection


fxn of urinary system

removes by products and urine from the body

Fxn of kidney

Eliminates drugs- excrete waste - maintains blood plasma volume- maintains extracellular volume- regulates blood pressure- Produces erythropoietin( RBC formation)

transports urine to the urinary bladder


Stores urine

urinary bladder

Functional unit of the kidney

Uniferous tubules

surrounded by bowman's capsule

renal corpuscle

visceral layer of bowman's capsule


3 regions of henle's loop

descending, Henle's loop, and ascending

3 types of cells of the renal interstitium

fibroblasts, macrophages, and interstitial cells

3 regions of the distal tubule

pars recta, macula densa, and pars convulta

2 regions of the proximal tubule

proximal convoluted tubule and the pars recta of the proximal tubule

2 types of nephrons

Renal corpuscle and glomerulus

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