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The Church did not help minister to the new immigrants
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Who was the KKK against?Blacks, Jews, and CatholicsWhat caused a rift in Catholicism?-Germans wanted German Churches -French wanted French Churches -Irish wanted Irish ChurchesWhat types what types of people did the Catholic Church defend?-Immigrants -Poor -Workers -Blacks -Migrant WorkersWhat were some charitable organizations?St. Vincent de Paul, Catholic Relief Services, EtcWhat were Catholics not allowed to do in many colonies?Vote or own landWhat was forbidden by law in most colonies?Catholic MassWhat happened on Guy Fawkes Day?The pope was burned in effigy.Who stoped Guy Fawkes Day?General George WashingtonThe Ku Klux Klan was founded on what of blacks, Jews, and Catholics?HatredWhat magazine unfairly attacked the first Catholic candidate for president?Atlantic Monthly