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salivary alpha amylase

Enzymes in saliva....


Salivary amylase is _______ by stomach acid


________ are not digested in the stomach


______ fiber can form a physical barrier, not allowing sufficient exposure to digestive enzymes


Pancreatic alpha amylase and brush border enzymes digest sugars into __________


Lactase deficiency causes lactose ___________

short-chain fatty acids, gas

Lactose goes to LI and is fermented to _____________ and ______


Insoluble fiber is excreted unchanged in the ______

more than 35

Gas is not an issue with soluble fiber unless you get _______g of fiber/day...ease into it!

active transport

Glucose and Galactose is transported into the enterocyte via __________


Glucose and Galactose is absorbed into enterocyte via active transport using ______ and ATP


Monosaccharides in the enterocyte are transported to the portal vein via _______ transport protein


GLUT2 transports monosaccharides to ______ via the portal vein

facilitated diffusion

Fructose is transported into the enterocyte via _____________


_______ binds fructose to facilitate it into the enterocyte.


Carries glucose, galactose, and fructose, from the enterocyte (microvilli) to the liver.


Membrane-bound, insulin stimulated protein required to transport glucose from plasma to muscle and adipose tissue.


Membrane-bound transport protein required for fructose absorption from the small intestinal lumen into the enterocyte (microvilli)


What glucose transporter is regulated by insulin?

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