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Laws of Primogeniture

Primogeniture is the common law right of the firstborn son to inherit the entire estate, to the exclusion of younger siblings. It's significant because it caused many younger sons to start joint-stock companies

Joint-Stock Companies

an association of individuals in a business enterprise with transferable shares of stock, much like a corporation except that stockholders are liable for the debts of the business

Jamestown, Va. (1607)

a former village on the James River in Virginia north of Norfolk

John Rolfe

He was one of the English settlers at Jamestown (and he married Pocahontas). He discovered how to successfully grow tobacco in Virginia and cure it for export, which made Virginia an economically successful colony.

Anglo-Powhatan Wars


House of Burgesses (1619)


Maryland "Act of Toleration" (1649)


South Carolina


North Carolina


Georgia/James Oglethorpe (1733)


Protestant Reformation

a religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches

Church of England (1530s)



English Protestant dissenters who believed that God predestined souls to heaven or hell before birth. They founded Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629. (p. 487)



Plymouth Colony

colony formed by the Pilgrims when they arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620

Mayflower Compact

This document was drafted in 1620 prior to settlement by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Bay in Massachusetts. It declared that the 41 males who signed it agreed to accept majority rule and participate in a government in the best interest of all members of the colony. This agreement set the precedent for later documents outlining commonwealth rule.

Massachusetts Bay Colony (1629)


John Winthrop


Anne Hutchinson (1638)


Roger Williams/Rhode Island


New England Confederation (1643)


English Restoration (1660)


Dominion of New England (1686)


Navigation Laws


Sir Edmund Andros


New Netherland (1623-1624)




William Penn


Pennsylvania (1681)


The Middle Colonies


Indentured Servants


Headright System

If you brought over indentured servants, you would get land.

William Berkeley


Bacon's Rebellion (1676)


Middle Passage

The route in between the western ports of Africa to the Caribbean and southern U.S. that carried the slave trade

Slave Codes


Half-Way Covenant


Salem Witch Trials (1692)


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