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The image formed in a plane mirror forms _______ the mirror.


The study of sound.


Frequencies too high pitched for the human ear to hear

2F, 2F

At what point would the image and object be the same height?

destructive interference

A node is caused by this


The loudness of a sound depends on this


Where is constructive interference in a standing wave?

wave speed

This is affected by temperature.


A unit used to measure frequency.


The greatest distance that particles in a medium move from their normal position when a wave passes.

compressional or longitudinal

A wave that causes the particles of the medium to vibrate parallel to the direction the wave travels

120 decibels

What is the threshold of pain?


Where is destructive interference in a standing wave?

rest position

What is the name of the line that runs through a standing wave?


A wave that causes the particles of a medium to vibrate perpendicular to the direction the wave travels.

compressional or longitudinal

Sound waves are an example of this.

virtual image

Which type(s) of image(s) does a diverging lens produce?


Produced when a force acts on a mass

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