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16 connective tissues cells for A&P I quiz


produces fiber, repairs the tissue, and produces the matrix of the connective tissue. This cell has good cell division.


modified fibroblast that stores lipid(fat). This cell is unable to divide.

macrophage or histiocyte

protects as a phagocyte by digesting bacteria and other matter. Originate from blood cell, monocyte.

mast cell

causes an inflammatory response. Produces Heparin and Histamine.

plasma cell

protects by provididng immunity via the production of antibodies.


cartilage cell. Produces chemical that prevents blood vessels from growing into the cartilage.


bone building cell that adds calcium from the blood to the bone matrix.


bone tissue cell. A trapped osteoblast becomes this.


a bone cell that resorbs/breakdowns bone tissue. It removes the calcium from the tissue and puts it in the blood.


RBC Most numerous of blood cells. Gas exchange via hemaglobin.

thrombocyte or platelet

second most common blood cell. Prevents blood loss by forming a pre-clot plug in damaged tissues and vessels. Also produce serotonin, a vascoconstrictor, that narrows the vessels.


leukocyte; granular; a phagocyte on bacteria


leukocyte; agranular; antibody production, some form phagocytes; large nucleus


leukocyte; agranular; largest in size of the bloodcells; horseshoe shaped nucleus; can move into tissues and become macrophages


leukocyte; clean up after immunity/allergic reactions(phagocyte) ; bumpy lumpy with raisin and seeds look


leukocyte; granular; produce heparin and histamine; very dark stain obscuring nucleus.

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