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The virus that causes AIDS


A closed system of social stratification in which a person's social position is defined by law, and membership is established mainly by inheritance

Estate System

A category of people who share similar opportunities and similar economic and vocational positions, lifestyles, attitudes and behavoiors

Social Class

An explanation of global economic differences that emphasizes that the economic positions or the rich and poor nations are linked and cannot be understood apart from each other

Dependency Theory

The Hindu caste system based on the parts of the Hindu god Pursa


An explanation of the economic differences among countries that maintains that these differences result from technological and cultural differences

Modernization Theory

The most rigid form of global stratification based on ascribed characteristics

Caste System

One of the most prevalent child killers in developing nations

Acute respiratory illness

The degree of difference in standard of living among the countries of the world

Global Stratification

Social hierarchy with greater mobility and based largely on occupation and achieved status

Class System

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