Geol 1003 Exam 2

Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
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Relative age datingqualitative, relative agesstratigraphystudy of stratified rockbiostratigraphic unitone or more taxa in stratigraphicwhich is not a index fossil concept?either occurs in few sedimentary rocks or not easily distinguished from other taxawhen earths magnetic field is reversed what happensmagnetic poles in individual atoms alignlithologic correlationbased on physical and chemical properties of rocks. not agefaciesrock with a set of physical and biological characteristics that represent a particular depositional environmenttransgressiongrain size decreasesregressiongrain size increasesmarker bedlayer of sediment that has same age everywherestudy of seismic reflections generated when artificially produced seismic waves bounce off physical discontinuities below the land or seaseismic stratigraphy126 after three half lives15specialized features an organisms possesses that perform one or more useful functionsadaptationshomologous features in two different groups of plants or animals that must have had the same ancestral originhomologyfeatures that serve no apparent function but look like features that do things in other organismsvestigal organsIn order for natural selection to occur?both of thesespeciation that occurs because of spatial isolationgeographic speciationextinctions result from limiting factors?all of the abovemany extinctions that occur within a brief interval of geologic timemass extinctionsthese evolution patterns have been documented from the fossil recordgradualistic and punctuationalevolutionary convergenceevolution of similar forms in two or more different biological groupshow much do plate tectonics move a year5cmorder of plate tectonicscartographers- wegener and du toit- harry hesspaleomagnetismmagnetism of recently formed rocks is consistent with Earths current magnetic fieldnormal faultstensional stress (stretching)reverse faultscompressionstrike slip faultsshear stressgrabenvalley bounded by normal faults along which a central block has slipped downwardassociated with subduction zoneforearc basin, accretionary wedge, melange, volcanoes on overlying plate, earthquakesaccretionary wedgestacked rock by subduction zoneplates move becauseconvection, push of plate by new plate, pulled into SZ by parent plates cold and dense, suctionriftingdivergence of platescontinental drifts originateoften associated with doming at hotspotsanticlinefolded concave down, compressive forces, under stresssuturingunification of two continents along a SZ exotic terranesophioliteremnant of seafloor along suturesubduction makesmountainsmolasse>most important greenhouse gasCO2chemical reservoirNOT closedchemical fluxsome reservoirs will expand, others will contractnegative feedbackopposes changepositive feedbackaccelerates changephotosynthesis producesplant tissuerespiration releasesenergydecomposers employrespirationO2 increases when the burial rates of organic carbon are highless oxygen is taken out of the atmosphere by decomposersimportant site of organic burialanoxic bodies of waterweathering_______CO2 from the atmosphereremoveschanges in rates of weathering affect theatmospheric carbon reservoirweathering rates influenced bymountain building, temperatures, precipitation, vegetationdevonianexpansion of large plantsoxygen isotopesall of the aboveincorporated during colder times; because the ions are more sluggish and easily incorporated into the shells of organisms18-Oxygen